Mythril – Casual Gaming for Adults (18+) | (NA/PC/ANY SR)


Are you tired of joining Discords to only be another name on a list, not feeling like you’re welcome, or part of the group?

So were we – and that’s why we created something different with Mythril.

Our goal was simple: to create a fun, 18+ community of friendly and laid-back adults to enjoy gaming with – and one where people matter. That’s why each person joining Mythril has a meet and greet with our staff, so we can introduce ourselves, learn about what games you enjoy, go over the group, introduce you to everyone, and get some games in together.

And although we’re still new, we offer:

· Event nights

· Multi-title support (particular focus on Overwatch, League of Legends, Apex, and Minecraft)

· A dedicated Minecraft server with support for Pixelmon, Adventure+, and much more

· Strong organization, and a staff receptive to new ideas

· No set required weekly attendance or required events – game on your schedule

Interested in being something more than just a name? Hop into our server and fill out a quick 1-minute survey. We’ll DM you within 24-48 hours to set-up your meet and greet.

We look forward to welcoming you to the family.


Definitely come join!! Great community and active players all the time.


By far the best experience I’ve had in a gaming community. Way more rewarding than just being in a “clan”. Super chill group to game with!


Ex member here:

I really enjoyed my time with this group. It’s exactly as advertised: 18+ adults who are very active. Overwatch event nights are the highlight of this group, super fun and varied. Most of the members are pretty chill guys and gals. You’ll meet a lot of different people through this group so if you’re looking for some friends, this is a good place to start. Even after leaving I still consistently play with some of the friends I made.

This server does have a few issues. It’s a very PC (Politically Correct) server. A good portion of members and most of the staff are very sensitive and won’t appreciate certain types of humor. It was really hard to build friendships and banter with these people because of this and it was hard to relax and have fun sometimes. There are also a few bad eggs on the staff at the time of my departure. I won’t name names but a few were very disrespectful and unwelcoming towards certain members.

This server might not be for everyone, but give it a shot. You might just like what you find.