Mystery Heroes - A Great Start

So the changes to Mystery Heroes that limit 3 of a single role was a great step in the right direction.


It can still be improved on by adding one additional modifier. Make it a minimum of 1 role per team. This will guarantee at least 1 tank, 1 dps and 1 support on each team. Then we’d have perfection.


we are getting closer and closer to “QP but random character choice within role”


And I think thats fine. The point of mystery heroes is that you will play a random hero when you die. If it makes the mode a bit more balanced, then why not?

Personally I will play MH more as soon as some changed like this will get intot the mode.

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A minimum of 1 per role would have been questionable in 6v6, but I dont want to see it for 5v5.

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Personally because I liked old MH and “kinda balanced” mystery heroes is basically a different mode?

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Well no. Cause then if you die as the only support, you’ll respawn as a support. It does make things a lot less interesting.

Limits already increase the chance of getting needed roles

The one change they should make (and it has been this way for years now) is remove the hero stacking as it is every bit as impactful as role stacking (if not more)

You know, I like H1story’s idea here but I can kinda understand if what you craved from it was absolute insanity. Myself though, I always hated when you’d wind up with a badly imbalanced set of teams in the enemy’s favor and I’m sure it sucked for the enemy when it happened in mine. But I do get where you’re coming from.

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I honestly think they shouldn’t muddy the waters so to speak. Keep original Mystery Heroes in Arcade but make Competitive Mystery Heroes have the limits for balance reasons.
Competitively speaking, it should be a mark of accomplishment if you make it to GM or T500 as a DPS in Comp MH because it shows that you are proficient with ALL the DPS heroes instead of 1 or 2.