My View On The Support Changes


Just for starters, I have almost 300 hours on Mercy, but can play any support I need to just fine.

I really enjoy this change. I’m really happy Blizzard went with the community on this one. Now I don’t have to worry about my Nano target dying instantly anymore. I’m glad Nano Boost now has a more defensive option as well with this change.

Ah, the infamous Brigitte. I knew her Shield Bash cooldown was going to get increased again. I agree with this change. Allow Brigitte to keep her combo, but still pull her back just a bit.

Our prayers have been answered. Lúcio finally gets his big break. 750 shields is an amazing buff, especially against RIP-Tire. I do think maybe the aura could be a little bigger, but I may change my mind when I see it in game.

I’ve been waiting for a Mercy nerf like this. Her healing output was just way too good. It hasn’t happened in a while, but gone are the days of being forced onto Mercy. Though, I believe her damage boost will still be valuable for ultimate combos into Graviton Surge.

Moira didn’t need any big changes, but this change will be very helpful, in my opinion. Even when trying to balance my damage and heals, I find myself running out a bit too quickly. This will help get back those needed heals much quicker.

I agree that Zenyatta didn’t need any changes. He’s been the most balanced support for a very long time.