My take on EXPERIMENTAL Changes (from a casual player)

For what it’s worth, here is my perspective on OVERWATCH’s latest EXPERIMENTAL MODE. I will also explore how these views reflect on my opinions of the current state of OVERWATCH as a whole.
First, in order to share my feelings about their level of fun and functionality, I’ll investigate, through personal play and research, these game tweaks that are being probed and analyzed by the DEVs. If I conclude that any aspect of this EXPERIMENTAL MODE *could or should be integrated, I’ll provide insight to my reasoning for why and/or how I think they could correct, enhance, or develop certain mechanics, concepts, etc. Should it happen to play-out that way, I will also illustrate why I believe an aspect, mechanic, concept, etc. aught to be outright discarded. My commentary and critique are strictly intended to be helpful. The GOAL?… To expand and improve OVERWATCH beyond its current existence, to keep a Title I enjoy healthy, vital, thriving, evolving. To trust that, in offering up the experiences and sentiments revolving around my gameplay, I may possibly provide something, anything, the DEVs might deem useful. Whether free-spirited EXPERIMENTAL MODE ends up manifesting as new GAME MODES, a COMPLETE Core Game Overhaul, simply staying an ever-changing Temporary novelty, or (hopefully not) eventually just disappearing without a trace, I appreciate when Devs try to improve their product. That being said I will gladly share my thoughts and ideas on the subject. This comes from a player that only wants to enjoy a fun, competitive game. I’m sorry if you disagree with me, but… these are only my opinions as a fan.

Ideas for Improvements of, and/or Additions to, Current OVERWATCH Content:

Before considering the scenario I’m about the propose, I freely acknowledge an intent for a slight “ATTACKER” Phase bias in the game’s primary modes (Competitive, Quick Play, etc.) relevant to some weapons, abilities, and ultimate changes I’ll suggest. -I would, however, offer a solution in advance: First, a shorter, **STATIC,TIME LIMIT for the ATTACKING party to complete these modes. IN ADDITION: I would suggest that, rather than using OVERTIME as a reward, one that usually manifests as a Last-Ditch Effort / Hail-Mary Scramble reward that mostly encourages players to rush carelessly at the objective as the clock ticks down, instead, penalize an appropriate time run-off for a Team % Kill w/in time limit Team-Kill (or ) inflicted upon the ATTACKERS. Time lost can be restored upon objective captures, (but only an amount equal to 50% of the TOTAL time that was lost)… NO ADDITIONAL CLOCK TIME! However, ANY / ALL ATTACKER(s) “On Point”/ Meeting the Objective requirements AT THE MOMENT of “CAPTURE” gain an automatic FULL ULT. charge. Though ANY / ALL would be MY personal preference, it may prove too OP. Alternatively, perhaps only select class(s), {i.e.}:
(TANK and/or SUPPORT), would gain automatic FULL ULT while other class(s), {i.e.}: (DAMAGE and/or TANK) could gain automatic ABILITY COOLDOWN RESET and/or FULL SHIELD RESTORE. Or, perhaps, (DAMAGE and/or SUPPORT) could gain automatic WEAPON RELOAD, and/or FULL HEALTH, etc. This system could promote more decisive and cohesive game-play within teams through incentives, reduce the duration of, (the inevitable), one-sided matches, and allow users to better calculate their potential playtime depending on availability in their schedules. The down side… it could increase the number of players who abandon a match prematurely. (Anything I’m missing? Too DEFENCE biased now???) I welcome any feedback!

My Individual TANK assessments will follow my “PATCH NOTES” assessments
Pt.1- TANKS:

**Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes – February 10, 2022**



  • All tank weapon, ability, and ultimate damage reduced by 50%
  • Crowd control durations applied to tanks are reduced by 50% for the following types - stuns, sleep, knockdowns, knockbacks, slow/freeze, root/trap
  • The following crowd control abilities are still full duration for tanks- Mei Blizzard, Reinhardt Shatter, Zarya Graviton Surge, Winston Primal Rage.

Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes – February 10, 2022.

-1. "ALL TANK weapon, ability, and ultimate damage reduced by 50%"
OUCH… I THINK YOU NEED TO BE A LITTLE LESS GENERAL (or re-categorize units)!!! This broad stroke for the TANK class does not distribute equally and is far more detrimental to some. I don’t think anyone wants their personal fav’ *TANK, nor the class as a whole, to be obsolete. (YES, I know, “EXPERIMENTAL” mode is temporary programming. Still, if devs didn’t want feedback it wouldn’t exist, and ya never know).

A. PRIMARY Shield Tanks (Reinhardt, Orisa, Sigma, Winston) should not have their “weapon, ability, and ultimate damage reduced by 50%”… BUT THEIR SHIELD HEALTH!..
**ORISA MAY be the exception with her role as THE “TRUE SHIELD UNIT”, also considering her large capacity, full-auto weapon (Bastion Alt./Jr.)!!!

  • List item:NOBODY likes shooting at shields all day, and (my opinion) TANKS should be made to push the action, NOT sit back and provide cover for DPS, that’s more a support role to my mind!!!

  • List item: To fulfill the role as action drivers, TANKS need solid HP, FAIR damage output, and low"ish" ability cooldowns as they should usually be first in and last out of any major engagement…

  • List item: MOST of the TANK ULT’s are not heavy DAMAGE but rather CC oriented, As should be, (DIVA, possibly ROADHOG and WINSTON? being the standouts.

-2. * "Crowd control durations applied to tanks are reduced by 50% "

IS A GOOD MOVE! If the point is to have one team overwhelm the other in a single burst of CC abilities, then we’re succeeding at the status quo! TANKS likely surviving such a situation and possibly protecting allies keeps the action current. If ONLY TANKS survive they should be wiped by the opposing team unless they are able to retreat!