My phone number is Post-Paid!

I have had the same phone number for 15 or more years. It is post-paid. However, I am unable to add the phone number to my Overwatch 2 account (I get the “must be post-paid number” error).

I have bought the Battle Pass.

Can I play the game now, please?

Very frustrating.


dude same boat. its my country that wont allow the digits at tbe front of my number. we are using proper numbers and they wont accept it?

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I paid $40 to play this game on release. Instead I am being told that my phone number is not post-paid when, in truth, it is.

I can be understanding when servers are down. I can be understanding when queue times are long. I don’t mind SMS verification–in fact, I am entirely supportive of it.

But to be lied to by a company that I just paid $40 to is unacceptable. This problem, whatever it is, should have been sorted out long before launch.

Yup, I have the same problem. I’ve had the same phone number for over 7 years and I get the same error. I don’t know what to do…

Yup in the same boat here! I think the whole SMS protection thing is a problem in itself.


It is. It’s a garbage system that is not a permanent solution to an issue that already really isn’t a big deal. Smurfs, cheaters, banned players my butt, they just want to sell our data. I made a ticket requesting a refund for the game they sold me but will not let me play and am getting ghosted by support. What a terrible decision. Terrible communication, terrible choice, and terrible overall. This game should have never gone free to play and the devs should have never required a damn phone to play a free game.

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Please check the announcement from the staff:

i be wondering the same thing i keep typing in my number had this number for so many years and cant even play the game because my number is a post paid number like come on overwatch get it together havent even played the game with my husband n want too play with him but cant… lost so many hrs in the game not able to play come on get it together

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