My OW2 question

The character redesigns are only going to be in OW2, not OW1.

Most likely those will be the new defaults and the OW1 defaults will be labeled as “Classic” or something.

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Oh, I must have forgotten to add… I meant the website. It hasn’t update with any new hero’s since the launch of it.

We might not get a new hero before OW2.

Hero 32 will almost certainly get a new skin as well; it’s part of the reason why I believe new heroes are being withheld. Every hero they release prior to OW2 means another hero that needs to go through multiple development processes.

I meant the OW2 website like visual evolution. It hasn’t updated and I really want to see the other new ones.

Mayby they dont update that page, because so far it was made as side add for the game, and they planning to merge it to old one later on?
Basic skins might never be shown too, because they, welp, basic, and overwatch rn show only event skins.

I wonder tho, how they gona change look of those if at all.

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We will. Jeff confirmed it himself. At least 1 hero before OW2.

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Your talking about revealing the OW2 redesigns? I really think they should announce them as they finish them throughout the year as an ongoing advertisement for OW2, basically to build hype (really excited to see Doom and Hog’s redesigns)

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They did the first couple and said they would update the website but never did.

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Yeah and I think Doom was supposed to be the next redesign (no source, but I believe I read that), so I NEED to know what it looks like

They are all finished, I believe. Jeff said his favorite one is Moira’s. This leads me to believe you can’t have a favorite without having all of them done, right?

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Not gonna lie: I didn’t know this OW2 website existed.

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The skins will be exclusive for those who buy OW2 i’m afraid and its actually fair imo.

Uh… all I can really say is that I wasn’t talking about what you thought I was. The OW2 website didn’t get any new updates like it said. I was expecting them to update it with new skins since they only have the few from the launch of the website. If you scroll up on the thread I explained it.

Chances are they’re still trying to refine all the different designs for all the new skins. at BlizzCon we only got to see the new skins for any heroes that were revealed during the panels, even on the demo. So for example Symmetra’s default skin was still the same as it appears an Overwatch 1 on the BlizzCon demo.

New information about OverWatch 2… as always… is coming…

Blizzards soon tm

…what about torb and bastion? They weren’t in the demo but the skins were revealed which brings up the question why the aren’t on the website. I guess they may be refining the 3D models since they looked pretty much finished in 2D. Thanks for responding :).

What we saw was the art concepts, the 3d renderings take a lot longer to make. If you are interested to learn more about this process, please see these two BlizzCon panels:

Both require the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket to view.

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I watched part of the junkertown one (skipped through the applause parts) but when I tried to click on the sigma one, it took me back to the junkertown one.

Wait a second neither of those should be going to the Junkertown panel (That’s a different panel entirely). I’ll double check my links as soon as possible.

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