My main problem with Hanzo isnt even Storm Arrow

Its his leap. Storm Arrow defo needs tuning, but honestly it just feels cheap like Scatter, which I didnt have a problem with per se, just felt cheap to die to.

I remember Geoff saying this, in relation to Ana buffs.

Hanzos main weakness before rework was consistency, and mobility. Blizzard buffed both of that, and its quite a substantial one too. That leap, gives him a nice get out of jail free card against his supposed counters, like any dive hero and a lot of ults.

For example, Doomfist. His E combo is much harder to pull of with Hanzo being able to leap out of it, and burst him down immediately with Storm Arrow (which wasnt possible with Scatter as it’d require a floor to get value) His leap makes it easier to avoid Meteor Strike, which is a trash ultimate in general.

I can go into detail with other hero interactions if need be, but I hope you can understand what Im trying to say here. I dont want him F Tier again, no. I just cant seem to understand why Blizz buffed practically ALL his weaknesses. Would have been nice to see him, in his current state without leap, or leap on a longer cooldown.

I think once Storm Arrow nerfs go live, people will be understand me a bit more. I think the glaring Storm Arrow issue, overshadows his arguably leap issue. Is it just me that feels this way?

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