My laptop froze as I entered a Comp Game

I was then kicked back to the desktop with a critical error - so I didn’t leave a game it just… happened, for the first time.

NO sweat, I tried to get back in but no, I’m banned. Instantly.
I didn’t leave, I didn’t try to ruin someones game, my system just had a very rare hiccup right as the queue hit - now I’m banned for three days?

Went immediately to the support to see “we don’t reverse bans under any circumstance” - guys what in the? My laptop just went skitz … I didn’t maliciously do this and it’s never happened before.

Can you invest some money so your teams can take a look into situations like this? Its not fair that someone can leave a game on purpose and a person can be unfortunately struck with a technical issue and get the same ban hammer…

I’m only a piddly 1704 Silver but me and my mate were having a right old ball tonight and the cold hard iron hand of ban just went right across my head.

Game crashes and bans count as leaving and will still apply the appropriately Competitive suspensions and bans. Please note, if this was your first offense, this should only be a 10-minute suspension, however repeated leaver violations will increase the suspension time and can eventually lead to a season-ban. This is done to discourage a user from attempting to play Competitive Mode more until they correct the issue that is causing them to leave games. You can learn more about this policy in detail here:

While Blizzard nor players like myself can help with the penalties we can help you identify and possibly fix the crash or freeze on your computer. Since you did not provide many details about the crash, I will refer you to this troubleshooting guide first as it helps resolve most common issues: