My Internet disconnected and got suspended

I disconnected from a game for few seconds and I got suspended for 19 hours. It wasn’t because I left the game or was afk, my ISP was having a problem. Can you remove the suspension?

Also can you offer support tickets without having to upload diagnostic files? I can’t contact you for issues like this because I don’t have a diagnostic file. Please improve your customer service.

They wont remove it, they wont restore your sr either. Sorry

They don’t offer support for SR restoration requests because they won’t reimburse you for any reason (more info here). There is no technical way to tell the difference between someone cutting their PC’s or console’s power vs experiencing a disconnection.

Good dont play if your internet is bad, there are other people besides you

The reason you still lose your SR is that if you didn’t, it’s just a free ticket for throwers. Instead of leaving the game and losing 50 SR, throwers just have to turn off their internet and get away with it without losing any. You just have to put up with the SR loss and try to regain it.