My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

Personally, from my experiences climbing the ranks… The match maker is a complete neutral entity.

But that is just my opinion.

I don’t think it’s biased.

Just frustrating.

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I honestly don’t know how you can say with a straight face, and believe it that this matchmaker isn’t bad.

I am on a… over 10 game loss streak now and can NOT get a team that knows how to work together to save my life.

Why is the other team always so much more coordinated than my own? Shouldn’t they be making the same mistakes my team is making? And when they do, I’m calling them out to my team, and they ignore it and the flank Moira I called out kills 3 of us at spawn somehow. Like that shouldn’t happen. Ever. But it does. Meanwhile, I could have a flank Moira on my team trying to do the same crap, and as soon as the other team spots her, she’s dead. Like what?

you’re not arguing any point that they made. they never said OW matchmaking was good. just that there are worse.

i feel like you had that screed just stored up inside you, and it was coming out regardless of what anyone actually said to you, Whether it made sense or not.

And I’m not sure you’ve ever seen what SmallPackage typically posts.
Whenever someone makes a post that the matchmaker is bad, he’s all but guaranteed to show up defending the matchmaker, telling the player that it’s all on them and the matchmaker has nothing to do with it.

So your point about “they never said OW matchmaking was good” is inherently false, because they’ve said so many, many times in the past.

But hey if insulting my reading ability makes you feel better about your ignorance, more power to you.

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Never said that. It isn’t good, it isn’t bad. In my opinion it is a complete neutral in my game experience.

And the other dude is right. I never said it was good or bad. Just that other games will make you realise OW ain’t that bad. A sense of perspective is always needed.

Then what do you attribute to the game stacking players who are obviously much higher skilled on one team? The team performing poorly can’t always “be having a bad game.”

And also - if the matchmaker is a “neutral entity” then what makes it bad in one game, but “not bad” in this game?

Why would you say that the Payday 3 matchmaker is bad, but the Overwatch one is “just kind of there doing what it can”? I don’t understand.

If Payday 3 games are lopsided, wouldn’t it be for the same, non-matchmaker related reasons that games in OW are lopsided?

Because even if you perceive the OW match to be bad. You’re at least getting matches. PD3 often fails to fill a lobby because the match maker doesn’t work.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a match like that, would have been in the lfg days of ow1. So can’t comment. My games have been fine. When they’ve been onesided there’s been obvious reasons upon review.

so just leave after a loss and call it a day user base goes awol til fixed

Yes, those obvious reasons being that one team knows how to dodge shots. One team knows how to use cover. Take high ground. Group up as a team. Knows how to counter pick. The other team does none of these things. Why did the match maker deem them to be “similar skill”? Because of the MMR number, right? Well then, whatever algorithm is determining this number is broken.

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you’re all one homogenous blob to me

man I’ve seen some real weirdos around here, but I think you take the cake.

because I don’t differentiate between anonymous forum users in a salt mine?

I feel like you must be sheltered.

sounds nice.

Agreed, it’s definitely not biased. Everyone is experiencing the same awful matchmaking.

I think you are projecting people having a bad game and what not on to the match maker.

Some times, people just mess up.

Yeah… uhmm, NO, “with stronger allies” would imply that the match is close to balanced. IF it was even close to balanced, you would not be seeing hard roll, kicked in the face games as the rule, and not the exception. The matches where players are seeing an opposing team with 80% plus of all kills is NOT a match with stronger allies… it is basically cannon fodder for the other team.

Something is seriously wrong with Match Maker. IF what you are saying is true then the MMR needs to be deleted, and removed from the game, and SR should be the only variable in deciding matches.

…and as an exp’d player, you can tell in the first 30sec if its a win or a loss.


Let’s say you never die, get all the kills and damage/healing for your team but you lose. Shouldn’t you get something instead of nothing?

Or they could reveal how the system specifically works. It’s not like other game devs are lining up to steal Overwatch’s proprietary system so their players can complain non stop about it, too.

If we got rewarded for personal contributions instead of team vs team, all this nonsense about unfair matchups wouldn’t matter so much. What we have now isn’t working. And if it is working then it doesn’t seem to be working which is also a problem. There are potential solutions that aren’t being tried.

But, just know they’re still “listening to feedback and collecting data!” It’s the same strat they use in WoW and that game has hemorrhaged most of it’s PvP base by 2024.

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I can solve their issue with a 1 minute brain storm session while I sit on my couch. Here it is: have two competive queues: one labeled “Legacy Matchmaking” where the matchmaking is exactly like it is right now, awful and horrible and everyone hates it.

Then have a second competitive queue labeled “No Algo Matchmaking” or whatever name you choose, and it will literally have one number, SR, and when you win you get 50 SR and when you lose you are deducted 50 SR. This matchmaker will not track any stats whatsoever, it won’t arrange people onto teams, it will literally grab 10 people within a range of 100-200SR and place them RANDOMLY onto two team and the match will begin since doing anything additional whatsoever will mess it up. The entire matchmaking code could fit onto a single screen. Then let the players choose, after around a year nobody will be playing the dumbazz “Legacy Matchmaking.”

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That is a preposterous suggestion, then when it’s time for performance and bonus reviews what would the devs say ? “Doing nothing improved gameplay sentiment by 60% and positive engagements by 21%, we are basically superfluous except those 3 that fix 20 bugs per season”. Tech bros gotta show impact, they got big a$$ mortgages.