My game wont go above 30 fps

my game wont go above 30 fps when its not capped at 30 its capped at 300 and I don’t have vsync on. I have a GTX1660ti and a i7 7700 12 gb of ram. I used to be able to run this game on high with a gtx 1050 but now I cant on a better card. if you could help me out that would be very appreciated.

edit: It still runs at 30fps or lower on any setting high-low it doesn’t matter


This is very likely a setting conflict. I would recommend checking all of the steps below:

  1. Ensure your Operating System and NVIDIA power settings are set to high performance:
  • OS Steps can be found Here
  • NVIDIA steps: Right click on your Desktop → NVIDIA Control Panel → Manage 3D Settings → Under the Global Settings tab → Select: Power Management mode → Prefer Maximum Performance. Apply → Exit the window.
  1. Reset Overwatch’s Options to default following the steps Here.

Startup Overwatch → Select: Options → Video → Turn VSYNC off. Change Frame Rate CAP to Monitor based.


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Are you using any Chroma devices?