My email had been changed by someone else

Someone had changed my email on my blizzard account. this happened a while ago but didn’t notice because I stopped using that email and haven’t played a blizzard game in a while. I can no longer access my account and cant recover it because all the recovery methods require email. please help me and thank you!

Below is the email I received at 17 Apr 2021:

Hello Accessdenied#21740,

We wanted to let you know that some information was changed for your account:

Your account’s e-mail address has been updated.

If you recently made account changes, please disregard this message. However, if you did NOT make any changes to your account, we recommend you change your password and make appropriate corrections as soon as possible to ensure account security.

You will need to reach out to Blizzard Customer Service via a web ticket to restore your account. The forums cannot help here as it involves your personal information. Please have a scanned digital copy of your government issued ID ready as it may be required to verify yourself before Blizzard makes any changes.