My 10 year old daughter banned for entire season

Hi Everybody,

My 10 year old daughter just got banned for the entire 26th season.
Where can I learn the reason so I may explain to her how to avoid it ever again?

I have spent a lot of money on this game for skins and packs for my tweens with their two accounts. I really expect a reply to this issue.


To clarify is it just from the Competitive Play mode? You mentioning the competitive season seems like it is. If so this is due to leaving too many games of Competitive Overwatch. Competitive is a serious mode and we expect all players, including you and me, to remain committed to playing every game to completion. Please note leaver penalties also include any disconnections or technical issues which causes a player to leave a game unintentionally (details on that policy can be found by clicking here). If you daughter is simply suspended from the Competitive Play mode, she can still play Quick Play, Arcade and Custom Games, and will have another chance next season, but please understand that if a player gets a total of three season bans (does not have to be consecutive) on an account, then they are permanently banned from the Competitive Play mode.

In the less likely event, the account is silenced or suspended from playing Overwatch entirely, this is due to violations of the Blizzard In-Game Code-of-Conduct. However, that is based on a set duration and won’t be tied to the remaining time for the Competitive season of Overwatch. If this is the case, an email will have already been issued to the to the account email address and will explain the reasons behind the action.

I hope this clarifies a few things, if you have more general questions I will try to answer them, but the forums are not the place to discuss specific account actions.

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Thank you for your reply, I will update her on the actions and implications.
Though no mail was sent.
You might want to check the service again.

The email will come from, please note messages of this type may fall into a spam folder depending on the email settings. Again, this only applies for full account actions and not Competitive-only suspensions.