Murdered Mercy, now D.Va?


Mid way through season 2 you mean


Dva is still stupidly good. The change was miniscule at best.


She isn’t joke tier, never said that. I said she’s not balanced.
Mercy’s pick will always be high! Why? She appeals to women like me. She does not require lots of aim, she has the most consistent and strong heal output. She is the easiest support to solo heal with (which I do all the time!)

This is why her pick rate is high. Her win rate is high because she ISN’T a joke tier.


i strongly disagree. Mercy still has a high amount of impact. It dosent need to be like nanoboost where you get a couple seconds of a large single target damagebuff.
Valk is good as it is. it gives her some survivability mid fight, a opportunity to try and res someone. But i dont want to talk ab


She will be “fine” only because people are deadset on her being the problem for pretty much every meta she is a part of. I use the term fine very loosely by the way as Blizzard seems deadset on appeasing the people who use pickrate arguments and this change does appeal to them.

I just want these arguments to die as they are beyond unhealthy for the game. It is easy to blame something with high numbers but why those numbers are high in the first place is far more important and are often found in areas outside the hero. Both Mercy changes and D.Va changes were bad because they are based off information that is not nearly as complete as people make it out to be. The success or struggles of a hero can entierly hinge on external factors but it seems far easier to argue those factors don’t exist and therefore changes to the hero are the solution.


A 25 other heroes wish they could get “nerfed” as bad as Mercy.


Brig gives you permanent armor.
Ana is used to power up a person ulting, a genji, reaper, tracer. Cause more damage. Ana’s up side is that she can defend herself and is more versatile from heal to damage.

I know when to rez and not to as well, but I get one clipped by Tracer (and trust me theres one every other game). Random headshots happen. Thrown a cc on me happens quite often.

You haven’t played plenty of mercy. I have 200+ hours on this account alone. I know what I’m talking about, been playing since season one. You also don’t have that many hours on this season, which like… shrugs QP is different from comp. I wish I could see your entire history…

I’m glad that you find Mercy fun, but saying that her ult is useful is just like saying mcgee’s ult is good. He becomes immobile, glows like a christmas tree, the skulls are incosistent, and the ult as a whole is inconsistent.


The dva nerfs will barely affect her gameplay at all.

It’s like what 15damage lost from thrusters and ~36damage from rockets IF you hit them all. So on average you lose at most ~30damage on your burst combo.
An extra second of firing with her cannons will outcover that loss and her target will still die.

Stop acting like it’s doomsday. Dva is and will still be top dog in all ranks.


Mercy is picked because she…

  1. Appeals to the female fanbase
  2. Is the most consistent single target healer
  3. Does not require aim (people with disabilities find her a miracle)
  4. Is the best solo healer out there

I could go on with smaller reasons, but there’s no point :frowning:


People really love to use the pickrate stat. It is probably the single worst thing in the game right now. It is super easy to advocate changes without actually addressing the real reasons why things are the way they are using pickrate stats.


Thank you, there are a lot more things influencing pick rates and win rates.
It is a team game after all.


From perspective of a non-dva player… I don’t think she needed a nerf. She seemed pretty balanced even though I hated the flying into me with rockets and matrix kills


There are tons of female heroes.

Aka she’s really strong

The number of people out there with disabilities is I’m sure tiny

So she’s really strong, what’s the problem again? She’s picked because she’s an S tier hero along with DVa and Moira.


2 damage a problem? …


yes they did, so what?! you’re gonna report em?! or tell the police?!


You and I completely agree with each other! You feel they murdered Dva exactly as much as they murdered Mercy!

That is to say, both are very much still alive and kicking. And enjoying their high pick rates.


Explain her constantly being subbed in for lucio in OWL and her decent pickrate in OWL then?


Her ultimate is not strong, that is the problem. She has an ult that any support could do better. Being a good single target healer does not mean strong, it’s just much easier to do that than be an aoe or have to aim like ana.
Ton of female heroes, I agree, but it is a well known fact that Mercy is mostly played by women. Please c’mon, don’t ignore things that legit have statistics behind them and are basically a stereotype because of how often they happen


Yeah then she has something that’s like an ult on a 30 second cd to make up for it.

The only stat I’ve referred to is how often she’s played because of how strong she is. I don’t know what other stat I’m ignoring.


i sure hope there were roadhog topics like this when he was actually murdered