Moira nerfs vs Ana buffs


No wonder the forums have the worst reputation at the moment. Every day it reaches a new low.


You can’t compare Moira to Ana because they are absolutely nothing alike.

I’m a Moira main, who also has an average 50-60% weapon accuracy with Ana (as an aside), and when Brigitte came out someone asked me how she compares to Moira. My answer was that they can’t be compared because they are on two different playing fields.

Moira and Ana are also on two different playing fields. Ana’s skill level is much higher than Moira’s, and while Moira can REALLY pump out some massive healing, she provides none of the utility Ana can for her team. Sleep, Anti-Nade, and Nano boost.

I still don’t believe Moira needs a nerf to anything in her kit, and DO agree that Ana needs a buff. The biggest buff that Ana could do with is a shorter reload time by about .65 seconds, and I don’t think that would make her overpowered.


Sleep dart is also the longest lasting hard stop CC in the game that doesn’t do damage at the same time.


Ana didnt get out of meta because of she got nerfed she is out of meta mainly because of imo and i think that if wouldnt be played in every game that ana would probably still be viable in high elos


Why does it take so fcking long to buff Ana … when BLizzard was working on Moira and brigitte they know that Ana will be completly outclassed so don’t tell me they are not working on her already.



Except that she’s not and Mercy consistently makes the top 6 of most played heroes as well, along with several other supports, including Ana…


“Lets nerf every other healer until they’re Ana tier”

Yeah no. Moira is the ONLY good hero release so far where she was well balanced and fun to play as. She’s meant to be a mass healer/ damage dealer due to lacking the utility other healers bring.


moira is opaf (jeff was right for that) and ana will remain bad until they do something for this extremely easy hero.


So clueless person makes clueless suggestions to change heroes. With using pick rate as justification for nerfs.

Pick rate is not the sole indicator of over performance. It can also be an indicator of balanced performance, what players find fun to play.

It does not show if people common switch to or off that hero. It does not show if there are preferential compositions for that hero which are commonly used.

I seriously wonder where these arm-char developer people come up with this stuff.


Moira is fine, Ana however is not. Please buff Ana with mobility… the walker needs to go.


By the way they’re talking - I highly doubt it. Either way, the meta is constantly changing/evolving. And what they’re saying doesn’t match up to what Moira mains or people with data are saying.

No. Her healing is tied to a resource meter. Once it’s drained, that’s it. Her ball is all she has. Fade should not go because it suits the purpose which is to make Moira a less fragile healer. Again, people seem to be ignoring the fact that she is a support character whose only utility is healing.


Getting rid of Moira’s self heal would cripple her. To me that’s Ana’s greatest weakness that she’s the only healer that can solely heal on a CD ability.

Reducing Moira’s range would cause people to play more aggressively with her and would make people play her in an even more of a DPS style since she needs to deal damage to heal.


The issue is that many supports, even if they have balanced gameplay, still have big issues. At most ranks your choices for healers are Moira or Mercy, and maybe on certain maps or with certain team comps you consider Zen and Lucio. Don’t believe me, look at the list of meta heroes I stole from Jeff above. We have 7 supports. Of those:

Briggite is way too new to make any comments on yet. Ana and Symmetra are underpowered. Lucio and Zen are both balanced, and yet, in plat and below, (where 75% of the playerbase lives) I often can’t justify playing them over someone who can heal more. Judging from the most played heroes thing I quoted above, I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Mercy is balanced. Maybe a little boring and could use some kit changes to spice it up. But for the purposes of this discussion, she does her job.

Moira is in a weird limbo where no one knows how balanced she is because 1/2 the time she’s only competing with Mercy for a spot at 3/4 of ranks. Sometimes Mercy is a better choice, but a lot of the time it’s based off of preference, and in most matches your preference between Mercy and Moira isn’t that important unless you’re getting countered as one of them.

TLDR: I think Moira is balanced, but there’s no way to know for sure until she gets some more competition. Because we have 7 supports, and yet 2 of them are rarely used, 1 is new, 2 can’t heal as much as the others and their utility and usefulness is based off the situation, and 2 are fine (even if one of them is slightly boring).

Brigitte might help the support variety, but I think the real test is going to be when Ana and Symmetra both get buffed. When that happens I think Moira will be balanced. But if Ana still isn’t picked over most others, then I think we have the potential to see some wider tweaks across the support roster than just giving Moira minor nerfs. Like buffing Lucio for example.


Ana won’t get support because she’s a high skill cap hero. Not trying to dump on the forums here, but it’s true. All the low skill cap heroes get support even when they are insanely broken. The forums said “Mercy 2.0 is fine because you can just kill her”, but Sombra 2.0 was this unstoppable hacking force. The forums think Mercy is more in need of buffs than Ana, which is hilarious. Just give up on Ana support, according to the QP heroes on here you just have to “position well, never miss your sleep dart, never miss your shot, git gud” and she’s “fine”.


That will never happen, you will always have one dominant main healer. If you nerf Moira, it’s just going to be Mercy again, because she is then the least worst out of Moira, Ana and Mercy. Moira is currently picked much because she is not weak, fun and less team dependent than Ana. Mercy still has a relatively high pickrate, so it’s not like Moira is the only main healer being played.


Moira is perfect, stop wanting to mess with her.

Also, not saying Ana is or isn’t in a good spot as I dont play her that much, but she has two strong and very unique utilities, and I mean really utilities. No other hero can sleep another for so long or prevent them from healing. That sort of unique ability is hard to measure.


She is played a lot since, we don’t have a lot of supports, and the one who can heal the most is the one which gets played.

If mercy had Rez removed, and her ult removed but her healing beam set to 2x healing, you would see her played a lot.

Hps is a REAL thing in the game.

Moira has the highest HPS, so she is most played.


I almost never play healer still when i pick Moira i just rekt everything.

I heal like crazy, i dps non stop in between, orb free super charge ultimat, fade to rekt you even more, try to kill me ahahahaha, nope i self heal and rekt you in the a.s.s … gold medal everywhere … it’s just sex.

Yeah she is fine.


Now that “Inspiration” is a thing for Brigitte, perhaps “Motivation” could be a thing for Ana.

I mean, every time she heals someone, she would get self-healed over time out of “motivation.”

If people can get healed feeling inspired by Brig fighting, why can’t Ana feel motivated doing her job?

Would also like to see her Sleep Dart cd reduced by 2 or 4 seconds.
I know it’s hard to buff Ana, but I see no harm in giving her some form of self-healing, even if it’s discreet, and reducing her trick-shot ability’s cooldown.

Not like she can perma-sleep anyone and she would also get some sustain.

And I know it might be controversial, but I think Moira is mostly OK. I just wish she had a vertical limit to her M2. I think 21m is OK horizontally, but vertically feels cheap - Pharah already gets countered pretty hard by existing in the general battlefield. Now with Sombra’s hack distance and Moira’s M2, BESIDES people with range shooting at her? I know this thread ain’t about Pharah and "good Pharahs are never in range, she is in need of some love (though she hard counters Brigitte, so I wouldn’t propose any buffs to her damage, only to her cooldowns.)

So… thoughts?


Moira is being played the most cause she’s easy to get medals with while being mechanically braindead. A lot of people I know enjoy her playstyle. She is extremely easy to get value out of and has a ton of survivability, which in ladder is huge because it’s a disorganized mess.