Missing Skins and Items

I have played the original Overwatch when it came out in 2016. I log on today for the first time in many years and all my skins and items haven’t crossed over. When I first started playing Overwatch I was playing on the Xbox One now I am on PC. Will all my items cross over? I thought this process was automatic on PC. Before anyone says yes my Xbox account is linked to my Battle.net account

Its a known bug

ah okie cool. yeah i just wanted to get a perspective from someone else

thank god bro the same thing happen with my ps4 account but can we stll play the game without the cosmetics and they become added or will that ruin the system

Dunno, Ive been playing so hopefully nothing goes wrong.

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do u know how long until it will be fixed or not

Dont know, my account was merged yestersay and i didnt think i saw anythibg missing but then again i didnt look too hard and just because mine went fine doesnt mean i can speak for other people if they do have issues. Just keep an eye on the official update topic i initially linked to.

My Golden skins are gone


Migration Status:

Overwatch Legendary Edition

Overwatch Legendary Edition - 10 Skins
• Carbon Fiber Genji
• Pale Moira
• Shrike Ana
• Winter Widowmaker
• Paragon Reinhardt
• Officer D.Va
• Fool Junkrat
• Okami Hanzo
• Mystery Man McCree
• Valkyrie Mercy

I preorder Overwatch back when it first came out and I am also missing the Noire Widowmaker skin. All of my other skins, icons, coins, etc showed up just fine after the migration except for these.

I just got a code in a message from Xbox for the Pharah Carbon Fiber Epic Skin and Gibraltar Jet Souvenir, redeemed the code, and those don’t show up as unlocked in the game either.