Missing Game Stats

Hello, I’m still missing over 179 hours played on D.VA from Overwatch which did not transfer to Overwatch 2. She is currently showing as my number 4 most used character which is wrong as she’s my most used and only showing 11 hours played. Please advise on how I can get my full Overwatch stats back. PS5 name is PANDAVANDER and My Overwatch is Bearsis #1408. Thank you

I’ll attach the ticket that Game Master Vandreanelyn responded too and told me to report this issue as a bug so you can resolve this. Thank you

Issue ID: #87415901

Your ticket has received the following response:

Game Master Vandreanelyn here and I received your ticket about having some trouble in Overwatch 2 and your stats missing on D.Va. No worries, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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Tell me about it, I keep coming back weekly to see if there has been an update on this. It’s been very quiet from Blizzard regarding this. I have stats across all four systems that didn’t combine correctly. I threw so much money away buying this game 4 times and all the merch. They seem to be more focused on charging people $20+ for skins than respecting their long term fan base. Very unfortunate.