Missing Audio in Queued Deathmatch/Skirmish/Practice Range

When in deathmatch, skirmish, or practice range while queueing for Cosmic Crisis, there are no sounds played except for hero voices/grunts and music. No gunfire, ability sounds, etc.

Encountered so far in Malevento, Route 66, Practice Range.

When entering Cosmic Crisis, all sounds then behave normally.

When playing the same maps in custom mode with the same hero (Sombra, in this case), sounds behave as normal. Seems to only happen when queueing.

Also, while the audio issue is happening, holding Tab (PC) to view stats will restore all sounds until Tab is released again.

Video of two queued deathmatches where it was experienced:


This just recently started happening to me as well. Though this bug is actually pretty rare, I have seen it a lot in this game. I have been playing since late 2016 in Overwatch 1, and I found some posts from 2018, and I remember vaguely hearing about it a few times then. I bet reinstalling the game would fix the issue. But I have yet to try it, so I will have to come back with that.

This season my sound was behaving fine for a while. But then my GPU on my desktop broke, so I had to switch to my laptop. I wanted to use my monitor for my desktop, so I bought an adapter to be able to do so. And I was having trouble getting my monitor to run perfectly at the beginning, probably due to bandwidth constraints from the laptop’s USB C port. But I got it working fine, eventually. In the process of getting it working, I did however reset my Overwatch 2 settings. And after I had done that, my sound start glitching out just like this.

Since I know this isn’t a new glitch, here are some previous unresolved posts from previous versions of overwatch where it’s happened;
June 18th, 2018
Reddit 2018

The forum posts are being removed for the error, so my assumption is that it is on our end. But there is a chance there was a coding error, and that’s why people are having it again? But I wouldn’t really know, I will come back if I find a way to fix it. I am going to start troubleshooting it a littlebit. But considering how it started for me, I think a fresh install of Overwatch 2 will probably fix the error for me.

I have reinstalled my game and run the scan and repair function to make sure it wasn’t on our end. And the bug is still happening, maybe in another day when the other modes of Cosmic Crisis comes out they will fix the bug. But as I mentioned, they’ve had this bug happen before.

The bug will only happen if you queue for Cosmic Crisis, the knew gamemode they added in the new update, Overwatch 2 Season 9. Previously it would happen when queueing for Quick Play when it was in Overwatch 1. I have heard some people say that they recognize the new mode. So there might be a chance that the new Cosmic Crisis game mode was an overwatch 1 gamemode they remixed a bit and ported to Overwatch 2 and that’s what’s causing the sound bug. I honestly wouldn’t know, I really didn’t play all that much in Overwatch 1. I just remember people complaining about the bug, and I don’t even remember having it happen to me in Overwatch 1. So whatever is causing it, at least it’s only in the new game mode.

Fix please. And do some bare minimum playtesting before you dunk new patches on us.

I’m having this same issue. It’s really bizarre and a bit distracting.

I’m experiencing this bug right now so it’s still happening. Queued for cosmic crisis and hear no sounds except voicelines. When you hold tab to look at the leaderboard you can hear gun sounds again. Some sort of bug for being in queue I guess. :frowning:

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