Mercy's Winrate This Week

The thing is, I think e-rez is fine the way it is. I would much rather balance Mercy now by buffing Valkyrie or something than improve her healing, and especially by improving her healing at the cost of other parts of her kit. I

Imagine if you could use riptire every 30 seconds and junk had a new ult.

Who am I kidding making an ult an ability is balanced.

But then she’s just a healbot again… The main issue people had with 1.0 was that all she did was heal, that’s why people asked for an E. If you keep E rez, the sluggish gross feeling rez, and buff valk, she’ll just be more of a heal bot. Valkyrie is literally just sit there and hold lmb more with chain healing. There is nothing engaging about that.

Yeah, but if you take rez away, it’s just all beams, all the time.

Oh well. I honestly don’t care as long as she’s never allowed to be overpowered ever again.

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Hmmm… I have no reason to believe this. :confused:

They can see the statistics for said match and see this? E.g: the amount of kills, heals, deaths etc. They can check statistics like that after a match. Highly doubt they can check if someone is hiding during a match though.

Depends on what the person was banned for.

Just like your story about your cousin. :slight_smile:

Forgive me. Feel free to clarify what you meant then.

What does position have to do with hiding? Literally, anybody has the ability to split up in a game. If anything, most of these statistics for hiding are going to be most abundant for flankers.

As far as I know, the only thing Overwatch has is better statistics in the sense that they record everyone. Overbuff gets their information from Blizzard after all. If something like “hiding” was a statistic, why hasn’t Blizzard made it so you can view it?

And why would they do that?

Is that why you just want her to be beams? That’s a pretty sad thing to say and I doubt you would say that about your own main. Anyways, she doesn’t have to always be beams, they could give her an ability like Pacifiy (Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State), a cleanse or debuff skillshot, manual ressurect ult, there are so many ideas people have come up with. I refuse to let this iteration of Mercy stay if I can help it.

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Actually I was saying I didn’t want e-rez to be taken away because that would make her all beams all the time.

But anyways, my opinion of Mercy’s fun or playstyle is fairly immaterial because I absolutely despise the character after all of this, so I’m not going to be playing her anytime soon. Even if I didn’t her playstyle is exactly the opposite of what I look for in a character.

Personally, I like her being a heal bot. That’s why I play her - being a super mobile character who’s constantly darting and dodging and keeping her team alive. The problem with her now is that she’s not an effective heal bot.

Personally, I’d remove res entirely. They don’t want to revert. Current res feels bad to use and takes up too much of her power budget.

I’d like to see her brought back to her single target healing core. Bring healing back to 60. Remove res. Give her a heal based E (my preference - something like a 100 hp heal over 2 seconds, on a 8 second cooldown). Remove chain beams from Valk. Give the healing beam in valk 90 hps, and the damage beam 30 hps worth of healing. Make valk give you an additional charge of the heal over time.

Now Mercy is what she’s meant to be. A healing specialist, with different healing tools at her disposal, an engaging kit, and an ability to put out impact, without stepping on the toes of the utility based healers. She’s a mobile Moira. Less suited for healing a death ball, more suited for healing dive.

Also - thanks for the videos and community advocacy.

I still love how people say that she was picked more because she was overshadowing the other supports because she was healing more than them. Which is true for Ana, but not for Moira. And guess what, Mercy still outheals Ana xD, the thing is that we are comparing two different kinds of healing, constant healing and burst healing. That’s why the healing nerf was the last punch for Mercy, because if they nerf her constant healing, then she can’t keep people alive, and then, burst healing will domain the meta, which is occurring right now with Ana and Moira.

Then why not defer in matters of play style to the people who are inclined to play her? It’s fine not to like a character, but then you probably shouldn’t be actively trying to push them into a direction that their natural player base dislike. Mercy players, by and large, don’t want to play a secondary healer whose value is tied up in current E-res.


Because I have to compete with whatever you guys get her turned into, and I don’t want to compete with a “heal queen” who is the designated best healer all the time. Because that feels really deeply unfair as another healer.


Moira is a healer queen. She’s designed to output absolutely ridiculous amounts of healing. She’s outputting more average healing now in high ranks than Mercy did prior to the nerf. In high ranks she could outheal pre nerf Mercy. Are you worried about Moira being top healer? I should hope not. Because high healing numbers are not what make healers dominant in this game.

Brigitte and Zenyatta are both incredibly strong healers that don’t output that much healing. Ana heals for less than Mercy/Moira, but that doesn’t make her a worse healer. She brings so much else to the table.

What Mercy players are trying to do here is to move her to a spot that feels better but is not overpowered. Your input that Mercy should not overpower the other healers is valuable. That’s an important point. But your’e trying to do it without any real regard for the character’s player base and their concerns, and any real interest in the play style and role that the character is meant to take up.

By all means advocate for balance and making sure that the other healers are in a good spot. But when you advocate for keeping e-res as is, and keeping healing low, then it’s hard to take that suggestion as anything but an attempt to make sure that Mercy is not in a good spot that is motivated by a dislike of the character.

It’s not meant that way. Although I dont like either, I much prefer Mercy 2.0 over 1.0. I like that rez gives her more to do and raises her skill ceiling, I like that Valk is versatile and is an ult you use early and often (I used to go the whole round without using mass rez if the team mostly stayed alive). So yeah, I’m trying to be sincere about what I think would make her more fun.

But as a mostly non Mercy player I don’t really understand what her players see in her. Even Mercy 2.0 is still pretty boring to me.

That feeling when even Seagull wants old Mercy back. One of his streams at the 19:25 mark he was asked what he’d do if he could fix Overwatch. It was his stream the other day titled “RareSeagull”.

Even so. Good luck to whoever or whatever the cause is. I just lurk for the interesting convos among the trolls on both sides.

I kind of agree but I do however think the GA momentum buff would actually be enough to keep her alive. Maybe a heal would be more appropriate.

I think the middle ground is putting Resurrect back on Q as a single target ability with a reduced ultimate cost, all of the good Mercy’s in GM were tempo rez players anyway. It’s more that the Mercy apologists just don’t know how to argue for anything reasonable that makes them aggravating to debate, but they aren’t wrong about Resurrecton on E being a bad design to balance around.

I wrote a post about why I enjoy Mercy in the old forums. I’ll repost part of it. I hope it helps understand the appeal a bit. The central thing to realize though is that different characters appeal to different crowds. Ana never really appealed to me. She’s not that fun for me. I’m not really interested in shooting people, I just want to heal. It’s a legitimate play preference, and a legitimate style to have in the game. In any case, here’s a piece of that post:

Mercy is the most fun hero for me, bar none. I know that many people don’t understand what’s fun about her, and I’d like to do my honest best to explain it, which might be a bit long.

I mostly play with a group of friends. I have on occasion spectated the non Mercy players playing her, and I agree - it doesn’t look like a lot of fun. They mostly stand behind the tanks and hold down M1.

But that’s not my experience with her. Here’s how I feel with her. I’m spinning around trying to keep track of every single person on the battlefield. I’m in constant motion, trying to keep up with 5 other players who are not necessarily all in the same spot or even close. Many of them are wounded, and I have to keep them all up. I need to know what’s going to happen, because I can only be in one place at a time, and I only have a moderate stream of healing, so I need to be in the right place when the important damage is coming in. I also need not to be in that damage. If I die we lose. I need to plan routes from one group to the next. I need the routes to be efficient so I can get there quickly, using people as waypoints, planning on healing my waypoints in transit from one side of the map to the other. Yes, I’m very mobile and mobility is powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. I need to heal everyone, because I’m the one that’s able to.

No one is allowed to die, but above all I can’t die, because if I die we lose the fight. This is made complicated because I’m the most hunted character in the game. I need to dodge, weave, juke, hide, and outfox all the enemy players because they’re looking for me, and if they find me they’ll kill me. So I need to be as crafty as I can, all while being in the thick of danger because that’s where I’m needed. And if someone does happen to die, I need to start making decisions about whether or not to res, and whether or not I can pull it off, and whether or not it’s worth the risk, and where to hide to get it done.

It’s a very different experience from playing her passively. I’ve had friends spectate me as Mercy. They’ve told me that it was the most frenetic and stressful Overwatch experience they’ve had for a while, that I was everywhere, that they always kind of assumed that I was with them when we played, and never realized how much I was with everyone at the same time.

Usually, it’s exhilarating. I’m planning several steps ahead. I’m prioritizing and making decision all the time. I’m trying to play the whole battle in my head, keeping track of our team and the enemy’s. I’m trying to make sure I keep everyone alive, while staying alive myself. I’m playing a trickster character trying to outwit the whole enemy team.

No, I don’t need to aim that often (I do go battle Mercy when the situation calls for it). But isn’t that compelling to me. I don’t come from a FPS background, so the ability to click on particular pixels and not others was never my idea of fun. I enjoy the other aspects of her kit.

Indeed you don’t. I won’t expect you to either.

However, it is true. And if you think about it, it only makes sense that they should be able to see everything.

Otherwise they couldn’t tell if someone was cheating.

So you doubt they can see (x,y,z) coordinates? That’s pretty basic information, honestly.
You doubt that they can see instantaneous values for data.

You doubt they have very basic information that any competent game company would keep track of.

You believe they can see statistics that support your narrative, but don’t believe they can see statistics that don’t support your narrative.

Your bias is strong and it’s pretty obvious.

It’s not my job to comprehend for you. I suggest you reread the post you were quoting to actually see what I said.

Are you serious?
What does… position… have to do with… hiding
… Everything?

I’m not talking about flankers. I’m talking about Mercy. Obviously you would analyze statistics about flankers differently than healers.

So, not all statistics are available to see. I’m not sure if you know this.

I can’t see how much extra-ground I help my team cover when I use speed-boost.
I can’t see my accuracy with my sleep-dart
I can’t see how much damage I added by using discord orb
I can’t see how many times I used guardian angel
I can’t see how many times I switched between healing and speed-boost
I could go on for much longer than anyone cares to read.

Blizzard doesn’t want you to see all of the statistics because they don’t want people to try and focus on certain statistics that alter SR calculation. I’m not certain of this, but I do remember reading a post about it.
It’s also common sense.

Wrong question.
It’s why have they done that? Since this is already the case.
And, as aforementioned above, not giving the players all of the statistics keeps people from just trying to optimize certain statistics to alter SR calculation.

Also, they don’t need a reason.

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No? I said that they won’t be much help because how would you differentiate flankers and hiders?




I mean, if hiding is even statistically recorded, that is. We don’t even know and it’s likely not recorded.


Firstly, this makes the notion of statistically recording “hiding” even less likely because why would they do make a whole set of data solely to use for on hero once and then never use again after the rework? Secondly, players have the ability to be split up from their teams and there are various situations where you could be by yourself.

I mean, wasn’t sure anyway. That being said, most of the stuff you listed, have no purpose. Why would they be recorded?

Has Blizzard disclosed what statistics affect our SR though?


That’s the thing though, have they even disclosed the statistics that affect our SR? We only know that individual performance doesn’t effect diamond and above in terms of SR calculation.

Then it’s kinda unnecessary. If they don’t have a reason for something, I doubt they’d do anything about it.

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It sounds like you were kind of addicted to the very specific way she performed. I’m not sure you’d really like any rework.