Mercy's Winrate This Week

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Are you suggesting that because the developers used the words “strong pick” that she somehow deserves a +50% winrate at all times? Or is there more to this view? The developers use phrases like “strong pick” to mean “still useful, has impact, isn’t a deadweight to their team.” It doesn’t imply “the best hero, one of the objective better ones compared to heroes we specifically want to not be strong.”

Mercy is balanced, she’s in a great place, and this winrate shows it. An easy-access hero that dominated the game for a year will naturally see a decline in pickrates and winrates when, after that year of her being in the center spotlight, other heroes begin to shine and actually be useful.

This is community bias, still going strong. Mercy doesn’t have a +50% winrate for the first time in a year, and we get threads like these, but other heroes have been much worse for much longer… practically dead air on the forums about them. This specifically says to me “I want a hero that naturally wins more games than others, and I want that hero to be the one I play.” If not directly from you, it certainly is said by the community.


Well, thats how she was designed.

The game originally only had Zenyatta, Lucio and Mercy as healers and by that lineup Mercy was clearly the go to.

Problem was, Lucio was insanely good and more of a mustpick than Mercy ever was and after Zenyatta’s buffs, Mercy was never seen anywhere above Diamond. Then Ana was introduced and made Mercy non-existant until the rework came that no one asked for.


Yup! The thing is, Mercy is just a likable character. She will always have a high pick rate.

I don’t think you understand Mercy’s state at all. It would take too long to write up an essay and expect you to read it, so please watch this:


None of those threads come close to amounting how many topics Mercy has and continue to has about her, most of which are made by Mercy mains that clearly are unhappy that the hero they play isn’t the best all-time support. There’s a reason no one is out there crying, “Can we please stop with all the Roadhog topics?”


Or, if you prefer reading, this is a good one: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Not at this point, noooooo. I would guess that a huge portion of the playerbase absolutely loathes her, as a consequence of Mercywatch or due to mass rez or just because of all the constantly conflict on the forum.


Dude you are unleashing the cult. staph xD

my bet is this thread will be closed soon too.

Please go through my post history and read any one of my extra long essay posts on Mercy, RosenAria. I too talk a lot about Mercy and maybe my perspective will help you see why this rework wasn’t a failure.


It’s almost like Mercy is a way more popular hero than Hog…


And thus deserves a better winrate? Or?


She’s maintained her high pick rate even through this mess. People may dislike the state of her, but they still love her as a character.

I still urge you to watch the video or read that fantastic thread. Thanks ~


I’ve read the thread~

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Stop using overbuff and other sites as a proof they are unreliable and super inaccurate since private profiles release


No, that’s the reason there are way more topics about her.


Why are you comparing her to dps/tank hero’s?

Is it because when you compare her to other support hero’s accords all ranks from gm down to bronze she still has a good position on the pickrate as well as winrate? Ya her average is not super high but when you isolate it by rank I would say she is fine.


No, but being in the bottom 5 of the cast in terms of win rate doesnt seem like a “strong pick” to me.

Really? Ok. I guess I must be wrong in assuming that being in the bottom 5 of a cast with 28 heroes isnt all that bad.

True, only the developers issued a statement saying they were going to keep an eye on her. If they did that for other heroes but then suddenly started working on Mercy, I would be made because Mercy got bumped up in the queue.

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Then I guess Brig isn’t OP and can stay how she is. :>


Obviously she can’t stay as she is she is overtuned

Then every stat posted about Brigitte is also inaccurate. Its all that we have.