Mercy's stats continue to fall

And that “Undo” button could have been made balanced. They told us that they had a dozen different variations of mass rez that they planned to try out and we never got to see any of them. Rez is such an important part of mercys kit, at least to the devs, that they have fully stripped and gutted her game play to keep it.

The “Undo” button was only a problem After they took away all of the counter play other than finding and killing mercy before the team fight even took place. It had no counter play to stop mercy in her tracks of using the ulti like so many other ulti’s do have. That could have been fixed. But instead we got an overpowered monster that dominated for Months and months.

Me too. Ditch rez, give her something new and remove the healing+GA nerfs. Also remove Valk as it is mostly useless and has the annoying line “heroes never die” when you 100% know they will die when you valk.

I’m sick of non-Mercy mains talking about the rez like it turns her into Super Jesus and makes sure she wins everything forever.

Flopping soccer players don’t work his hard to make their opponents look OP.

Do you actually play Mercy? If you did, you’d know that the rez in its current state is basically an, “I’ll trade my life for yours,” button at Gold and up.

It matters because she has literally no other viable skills besides healing and the vastly overrated rez. Her damage boost and mobility are completely dependent on her teammates. Do you need somebody to list all the other stuff the other supports can do besides heal?


I don’t get how her “on fire” rate has to do with her playability. When Mercy was op, her fire rate was also extremely low. Nothing has changed there. When I play Mercy consistent healing progressively raises the “fire” bar. Rezzing and securing picks with damage boost/ pistol is typically what hits fire. I think they need to fix it, but this shouldn’t be a reason to why she is up imo.

A couple of folks have mentioned that you must pick Mercy for her Rez, and I’d like to disagree with that. A support main should understand that only certain portions of each map require her skillz. When attacking on escort, and solo healing, I’ll rarely choose Mercy because Rez barely makes a difference when you’re so close to the spawn. Rez should only be meant for specific circumstances, and the nerf seems to have emphasized that. Make your flex switches to employ Rez to its maximum effect.

Like this?


Rez on E is broken though, because its an Ultimate ability in a basic ability slot on a very predictable CD.
Rez on E is broken because its so powerful but isn’t earned. It’s CD is predicable, its usage is predictable.
Rez on Q has to be earned tho. Its harder to predict when its going to be up and when its going to be used because it had SUCH a massive amount off variety in how it could be used. This ofcourse also made it more fun than Rez on E.
Having rez as her ult also made it easier to balance. But they never made a real attempt to balance it. They went from 0 to 100. Mass rez was bad and suicide for mercy before she got mass rez buffed. After the buff, it made mass rez way too forgiving and way too easy to use. And when that was too strong, they didn’t bother to try other changes for mass rez, they went straight for that rework.

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McCree: Dead 90 out of a 100 scenarios
Reaper: stunned and killed\ultblocked
Tac-Visor: Blocked by a shield\killed bomb: Your enemies need to be very ignorant for that thing to kill them
DM: Hacked\expired\shot with a laser
Sleep Dart: You have to hit it to count
Mas REZ: Can’t be countered, only prevented
Nice judging other heroes, funny how you didn’t mention every other DPS ultimate or any other support ult, I mean sound barrier and trans are impactful by a button press, same thing with mas rez, hypocrisy is real.

There are two characters in the game that can 1-shot heroes on anywhere on the map. Why shouldn’t there be a counter for that?

I don’t play either of the snipers, but I would say because getting a good head shot either means that the sniper pulled off a really good shot or the person who got head shot was simply in a bad position. But this is partly why people don’t like E rez because it does things like take away from the snipers picks. Especially if they are early on in a team fight, that makes it a very valuable pick. And even more valuable rez.

If mercys winrate stays the same or above others that would mean the nerf did nothing…thank god it did.
Mercy mains started to loose their undeserved rank.They loose a lot.In time it will settle down, when every mercy main finds their true rank. But it takes time.

After a nerf did you expect her winrate to rise or what?

Maybe someone explain to mercy mains what a nerf means, and what it does.

Also mercy is the easiest support, she should have the lowest winrate, after that brigitte.

Honestly the second they nerfed her HPS it was like they slapped her in the face. It was completely unnecessary.


It was one of the only things that no one ever complained about her. But it seems the dev team is so dedicated to this rework they are willing to take just about anything from her besides work on a revert or a rework.

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like this

Welcome to half the roster…


Show me another ability where the base CD is as long as an entire fight.

I’m just referring to spamming E for some ability. Man, you guys are sooo sensitive about this character… it’s actually amazing to watch…

There’s a difference between spamming E and literally only getting to press it once then having literally nothing to do.

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One shot require skills and aim it is not just press M1 to insta kill.

She has the only winrate under 50 in GM