Mercy's Situation is NOT fair!

it takes your ability to hit headshots and is a literal garbage ultimate

Ah. Okay then. I don’t play Soldier very often, so I’ll take your word for it. I can see how “no headshots” would make tacvisor less good in ranks where people can actually aim properly.

But it didn’t, and that doesn’t relate to my comment, so what’s the point?

Get a stun from McCree, Mei, Brig or have a Zar bubble his target and his becomes more or less worthless lol.

I assumed you were complaining about how Mass Rez didn’t have enough proactive counterplay?

Inb4 you are already replying. Did you even read the quote?

Junkrat’s ult can be destroyed fairly easily.
Genji’s ult easy? What?
With mccree you’re lucky if u get 2kills or even onea
Dva is really slow and mainly used for zoning.
Pharah becomes the easiest target to hit
Reinhardt’s ult hits u 50% of thethe time cause it’s bugged

I was talking about Valkyrie

Oops. Looks like I should have read higher up on the thread.

What’s your opinion on this whole “AoE rez vs Valkyrie” debate?

Personally, I think that old rez DID have problems, but they were fixable.

I have read it before and it did not change my mind. There are clear advantages to gain from it, like better ult economy and such.

Also, could you have quoted just a sentence and not the whole post?

I’d take anything over mass rez. But I wish Valkyrie had some restrictions to it. Having free, fast, almost unhittable aerial mobility while also healing your entire team is just an unfair advantage

Well he didn’t really make a TL;DR so :frowning:

:thinking: I wonder why. Oh wait, it’s because your so bent on thinking hiding was a viable strategy.

There are also way more clear disadvantages. Think of it like this, the negatives outway the positives. Also, you should try and maybe refute what Titanium said in his thread since you don’t agree with him. Maybe you can be the first person to successfully refute his points :slight_smile:

But why? What problems did you have with mass rez, that couldn’t have been fixed by tweaking the ability?

About the first point you mentioned it’s true. I saved the team with Mercy’s ult and won 3 games because i healed 4 or 5 of the teammates on escort. They worked together and when I ult’ed it benefited them to kill off the enemy’s. Now I’m not taking credit for the victories but with the teamwork it was possible to win. I was also solo healing as Mercy.

Sitting in the back and waiting for your team to die so Mercy could ult made the fight an 11v6. If they put some restrictions on it, them I’m all ears, but keeping the old ultimate will be the game’s downfall

No such thing as a 11v6.


The 5 lose while getting a few picks

Mercy brings them all back

Now they have to fight 6 more


“Hide and rez” is a great strategy… assuming your goal is to get wiped after the resurrection. Hiding turns the fight into a 5v6 with a main healer down. Any competent team would be able to walk through your team without expending ultimates, except to counter any ultimates expended by your team. The enemy team already has the positioning advantage and the first shot after the resurrection. “Hide and rez” would also give them the advantage of more ultimate abilities. Doing so sets your team up for failure.

A good Mercy sustains her team until they can no longer be sustained, or until she can no longer do so safely. By doing this, she allows the team to bait more ultimates before dying, giving your team the ultimate ability advantage after the resurrection.

Taken from here

Correct math:

Team goes in whilst Mercy hides near by

Team gets wiped but ends up getting one pick

Mercy resses all 5 teammates.


If that’s the logic then why did it always work? And why was Mercy the go to pick for any losing team?