Mercy's Current State

That’s why lol I’m plat our hitscans cant shoot the broad side of barn.

Maybe not but they have also said they like her current kit and that they dont an to make significant changes to it which is kinda the same thing as saying no mass rez really. They are probably just scared to outright say it because it’s such a requested thing from mercy players.

because it was flexible

you had to make a tough choice whether to tempo rez or wait for a 4-5 man rez,as WHEN you rezzed ,you wont have it back for 1-2 minutes. This was the thrill of playing mercy,making tough choices. Assessing when using your ult was best
Sometimes i didnt even use it once in a match

Current rez is easy

Just use it when you can and get the timer going This stops snowballing and is very valuable and strong. If you die ,you’ll get it back for free anyway when returning from spawn.

This isn’t even true…

We’ve already established 5 man Resurrect isn’t a choice with those changes.

Again, it’s the Mass Resurrect paradox all over again.

by the time you join your team ,as attacker or defender,it may as well be the case if you need to go far. Its close to being like this. Closer to spawn less so ofcourse.

you get it for free whether you play well or not,whether you heal or not.

but way to ignore my other points and just focus on semantics

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Yes I am hoping for another rework for Mercy. Some of us made a feedback thread with a rework idea we made ourself.

Check it out if you want. :slight_smile:


Here, fixed it for you.


She couldn’t actually ‘fly’

fall slowly ,then =D

You’re right. Saying that a gamemode won’t be implemented is much more serious than saying a hero won’t be changed.

All of this is opinion. :slight_smile:

When they say, “significant changes” they are probably referring to changing up current Mercy significantly. Again, mass Resurrect is still on the table.

They weren’t scared to rework Mercy which caused more amounts of outrage. :man_shrugging:t2:

Numerical value does not translate into actual value when using Resurrect. The fact that I need to tell you that is embarrassing.

Out of my 394 hours with Mercy 1.x, I pulled off 8 five-man Resurrections. Of those 8 five-mans, at least 3 of them resulted in a lost teamfight.

Now, tell me: How often does a pentakill result in a lost teamfight?

Because there are situations in which a tempo-resurrection is insufficient; for example, suppose the enemy used Nano-Blade. Bringing back 2 players while that is active as asking to lose more allies immediately afterwards.

No, Blizzard clearly didn’t think that deep about it, because if they thought that much about it they would have realized that the optimal use of Resurrect varies from fight to fight.

In one fight, bringing back Reinhardt might be all that is needed; in that case, a one-man Resurrection is the best way to go, as it is sufficient for victory and it doesn’t bring the other risks associated with a mass-Resurrect.

In the next, you might have that Nano-Blade mentioned before, so the team requires more numerical value out of Resurrect to stand a fighting chance.

The proposal makes it so that Resurrect is safest and most effective when used to revive 1-3 players. Considering that the most common use of Resurrect from Mercy 1.x was to revive two players, the proposal doesn’t change much in numerical value for each use.

As for the burst heal… a back in season 3, people considered Biotic Grenade to basically be an ultimate ability with how much it did, and how good it was at doing what it did.

Biotic Grenade healed (and still heals) for 100 HP over a 4 meter radius.

Resurrect takes that much further; it heals for 150 HP over a 15 meter radius. Instantly healing DPS from critical to full isn’t insignificant.

We have Mercy 2.x because Blizzard has no idea what they are doing. That becomes clear when you look at the patch history to see the actions, or lack thereof, towards certain heroes.

Oh, but it worked fine for one and a half years.


Well, she still could. GA. just not freely. But flying doesn’t mean you are impactful, nor does it mean its fun. A hero is fun when it’s challenging/engaging. Valk is like spectator mode. Not engaging, not challenging


You’re right! The whole Mercy debate has 100% been all about opinion. Blizzard makes their decisions based on facts, and statistics that only they have access to. So I guess that means we need to trust their judgement since they’re the only ones not basing things on feelings :slight_smile:

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Yo, I didn’t shove three of my teammates into an enemy ult. They did that themselves. People die no matter what. And the biggest complaint about mass rez back in the day other than “it undid my super hard work Q” was lack of counterplay, both of which an LOS check and cast time would provide. But hey, let’s just ignore that.


Most of it theory, really. It’s a fact that mass Resurrect caused less problems than reworked Mercy.

Evidently not.

I don’t trust anyone who thinks Brigitte was a good idea.

Firstly, they reworked Mercy because of feelings. Secondly, most of the time they are basing things based of off BS.


Oh, snap. Titanium at work. /popcorn


Did you even watch the developer update video announcing the rework?


And the feelings that she is unfun is still opinion based. The Mercy debate is solely based on feelings at this point.

Feel free to apply at Blizzard and start working with them.

Best to be proactive when you want changes.

We’re playing a videogame, are we not?

How a character feels to play is the entire reason players play videogames.


Then why was she reworked because her ultimate was disheartening to play against? Seems like a double standard, really.

I don’t want to be associated with people who can’t even balance a game properly plus I’m like too young.