Mercys Contenders Skin

Ok, so I just checked, and I earned Symmetra’s skin today. So watching in PiP mode works.

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Remember that the only time that counts are times where the match is actually occurring. Ads, caster discussion and pre/mid/post game show do not count. -> choose overwatch -> i would rather categorize the issue -> account -> not listed here -> contact us -> describe your issue.

Tysm, appreciate your help c:

you’re welcome, hope you get the skins.

Technically, it’s working for some, but not working for others. Friend of mine got his mercy skin.


Multiple viewers confirmed in my troubleshooting thread that they got it today. I have seen several Tweets too.

Continue to report problems in my troubleshooting thread, its the most localized place to report this issue. The official Bug report forums is only for reporting in-game bugs.

The forums in general, but my troubleshooting thread is the best localized place for feedback.

This means you are on the right track. Keep watching any remaining streams if possible. Again I think the Korea Grand Finals and/or China broadcast had some issues, but there has been a lot of positive reports today. Of course I am still going to investigate and try to provide advice wherever I can.

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A web ticket is not likely going to be effective short of getting the same troubleshooting tips that I also provide. Game masters cannot manually issue streaming drops.

can confirm that i received mercy skin…this one seemed instant…sym on the other hand came like 3 days after i had watched enough hours

I got the Mercy Contenders Skin earlier today. Both Mercy and Sym showed up same day.

I got my skin. Dunno how I’m supposed to prove it though… I’ll take a screenshot but I’m not high level enough to share it on here.

h ttps://

I still dont even know how to watch the dang thing, why cant it be on twitch or something smh

You have to watch it on the Contenders official website.

Well I doubt I will get the skin anyway, even though I am an avid mercy skin collector, I would have to watch literally every game played between now and the end of the month, oh well I have a life over this.

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Looking good, man! I hope I get mine. I did get the Sym one, but I’m banking on these games in the last days of October managing to put me over.

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I watched on second monitor (which was off) and muted. I got Symmetra skin :rofl:

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Tysm! I’m now hopeful where I wasn’t before to get the Mercy skin, so I really appreciate your help. c:

The tab has to be in focus? You mean I can’t even have it on my second monitor while I do stuff during the work day? What kind of garbage is this?