Mercy Win Rate is dropping after support changes

Dunno, I’m totally on board for fixing that.

I once suggested it and was told Mercy didn’t deserve anymore “buffs”.

Like, really? Dislike for her is so high now we can’t even have QoL-changes? :disappointed_relieved:


You forgot junkrat.

I’ve been asking since the start of this rework for her damage amplified card back and since archives for her combat medic skin specific ult line :man_shrugging:

What exactly they did to Junkrat?

Im tired reading this it’s like always the same it’s true but it doesn’t matter at that point they won’t change anything.

Made him strong but too easy for 2 months, and they’ve been nerfing his consistency ever since, basically undoing their own work and now he’s D-tier.

Oh, and nades can easily fail to register hits now.

Resurrect on a cooldown will never work. Stop gutting every other aspect of her kit and ignoring the problem.


I think we need to start compromising at some point because… literally, what do you expect from win rates and pick rates? There’s six support heroes and typically only two support slots to fill. It’s only logical that some heroes are going to be lower than others, they’re all competing for the same spot.

People need to quit taking win rates and pick rates as the be-all-end-all to balance discussion. Some heroes are naturally going to get picked up less than others. Some heroes are going to have a win rate beneath 50%. If you’re expecting some kind of perfect balance, you’re expecting a utopia of a video game.

Besides, Mercy just got nerfed. That means people are playing her and still learning to adapt to the drop in healing. It means people know about her nerfs and, scared of those nerfs, are being attracted to heroes that got buffed, like… Ana. That’s the thing about pick rates, a lot of outside factors are going to effect them, and it’s why they’re not very reliable for a good period of time after a patch. Like, you don’t look at Wrecking Ball’s pickrate after he’s released and think, “Wow! That’s a lot of people picking him! He must be overpowered.”

And ignoring all that, are these statistics even terrible? Not really. Plenty of heroes have much worse pick/win rates and significantly less people care. If anything I think we should be glad that Mercy, especially in the higher ranks, is dropping in success. After all, her counterparts Moira and Ana require significantly more skill to get value out of, so it makes sense that high skill is rewarded with high value. And I’m a defender of low skill heroes, I believe they should be ideally balanced across all ranks too, but I’m willing to concede that they’ll have to lose favor against higher skill heroes, otherwise, what is ever the point of running those high skill heroes?

Win rates and pick rates tell very little about a hero’s balance. Look at the broader picture, look at all the other stats. Mercy is still going to be very valuable on comps where she can pocket key allies, like snipers and Pharah, and her Resurrect is always going to have huge value on any team. No other healer has as consistent of healing as her, she’s the best at saving allies from sudden ambush, her damage amp is still incredible. Mercy is far from dead and this drop in her success and popularity is not only overdue, but healthier for the game as a whole.


You think I don’t know that. Yet I make these posts over and over because that’s the most we can do. And I’m not even a Mercy Main.

how do you know she is a troll pick?
cause from bronze to diamond the vast majority have a private profile ad dont check their stats on overbuff.

please where you got the info from.

Today I learned that only Mercy mains make up the forums and this is only forums for Mercy feedback.


And yet i’ll report you over and over for spamming



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post where you use fact that are not accurate and the stats make no sense.

however lets assume it is accruate, have you noticed something. ding ding ding exactly. mercy and ana have similar high pickrates which means more than not you will see the combo of ana and mercy which apart from healing dont synergies enough.

Jokes on you. They don’t listen to ANYONE in these forums

I didn’t say she’s trollpick. I said she isn’t FAR FROM BECOMING one. But as long as she has rez on 30 sec cooldown and being unkillable during valkyrie she won’t be troll-pick. They can even reduce her healing to 40 hps and put GA cd on 4 sec. And if REZ and Valk remain untouched she will still be a mess.

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however how can you tell she is a troll pick? that is the real question. overwatch stats site dont give a full picture and it might be that her win rate is still over 50%.

based on what i saw the real interest is that people prefer to play ana now, wont switch off her ana and ana synergies well with lucio, or zen but badly with mercy. this does not indicate of her being potentially a troll pick.

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Resurrect on a cooldown is working. We should keep the changes to her kit, since they seemed to have been the problem.

Agreed. It doesn’t mean diddly anymore