Mercy vs. skill

The main issue I see with people’s aversion to Mercy being meta is that there is a low, if at all existent, skill ceiling and people don’t feel as though she is deserving of a solid spot in the meta. So I wan’t to know other people’s ideas for raising Mercy’s skill ceiling but still maintaining her role as an “introductory hero” like Reinhardt and Soldier 76. While these heroes definitely serve their purpose as introductory heroes, there’s still plenty of room to grow in terms of achieving a skill ceiling and we never see anyone complaining about “no brain Reinhardt/Soldier mains.”

My favourite idea I think I’ve seen so far is Titanium’s “Pacify” ability that they presented in the following thread: “Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State” (I’d recommend giving this thread a read, as well as skimming through some of the debates in the replies if you haven’t already, even if you are opposed to the idea of Ult Rez’s return!)

To summarise, it’s a hit-scan projectile that Mercy fires in order to place a debuff on enemies to lower their damage output. I think it serves as a great way to implement some required aim into Mercy’s kit but the effects are not too extreme so it doesn’t put too much pressure on new players to land it every time so she maintains her status of an introductory hero.

I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts and ideas about this issue, if you even think it is an issue at all, I could be wrong about my interpretation, but it’s just something I’ve observed over the past few weeks! Have fun!

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The majority, I believe, just do not want to be forced to play a hero which they do not like and whose skillset they do not enjoy.


I love Titanium’s suggestions as well!

I personally don’t think that her issue is so much her skill ceiling, more so than the issue is that she is unengaging, unrewarding, and unimpactful to play. As was also suggested in that thread would be some sort of a revert of bringing Mass res back into her ultimate with various tweaks to make it a balance-able ability, along with Pacify, which furthers her impact even more without so much as sacrifice her skill requirements. :blush:

Some other ideas based on a previous post. A halo ability could also be used as her skill move. Just some thoughts :blush:

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Couldn’t the same argument be presented for people who don’t want to play Ana/Moira when they are meta for similar reasons?

Absolutely. And this is true not only about supports but about any other category, be them tanks or DPS – there is always either a must pick or a very highly preferred pick for every category which form the bloody meta, to which you are limited if you want to maximise your chances of winning a match.

That’s true, I just wish it was possible for all main healers, or main tanks or what have you, to be meta at the same time and for there not to be a dominant must pick at all times and rather that each character has their preferred maps or preferred team comps, the way Overwatch was intended to be played from the start.

People have already pointed out there being issue in a hero having both allied damage amplification and enemy damage reduction

Can you link me any threads or comments? I’d be interested to see their points, or if you want to just summarise it yourself that’s fine, I realise that was quite a big ask lol

Mercy doesn’t need a hit scan weapon, she’s supposed to be low skill floor. The problem is the ceiling.

That’s the point of the thread. I’d like to know people’s ideas for how to raise her skill ceiling. I’m not saying Pacify is the go-to, absolute best way to solve the issue, it’s just my favourite idea so far.

A proactive ability in general, not just paxify would raise her ceiling.

Something that requires thought and planning. right now her entire kit is just reactive

Imagine being a Mercy onetrick, pretending to have an understanding of the game and parroting Aria Rose

Okay well, first of all my guy, this is just straight up rude, please refrain. Second of all, just because someone shares the same or a similar opinion with someone, it does not mean they are “parroting” them. If you’re not going to bring anything constructive to a thread like this, please just stay away in the first place :blush: