Mercy takes the most skill out of all the heroes

yes yes of course, that goes for anyone. people think mercys so easy because of, what her beam? like its not that simple lmfao


I believe the vast majority of Mercy complaints are in middle ranks where the dmg boost synergy starts to pay off due to better dps accuracy, but the teamwork and individual skill needed to take down that duo isn’t yet there.

Nice bait mister Troll :slight_smile:

Go get him forum mercys!


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Hardest hero , cause all of her abilities are team dependent , she is still brainless. They are 2 separate things

Then do it, hit masters, come on!

It’s almost like they duo with specific people for a reason

“Brainless” did you try her ? I mean in real ranks, not below diamond.

Try to keep alive all your team + keeping yourself alive when you are the number 1 target.

Learn the meaning of brainless before posting. Thanks.

With overwatch2 making superjump and other techs easier she surely is pretty easy than she was in Ow1. Seeing a good mercy with positioning was not often, but now suddenly every mercy player can do the same as a master above mercy.

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This isn’t because she is hard though. It’s because you’re essentially coin flipping the game by picking her, hoping your DPS are better, instead of picking a character that can bring more agency to the match and make solo plays.

If you play DPS and cannot kill mercy, you are the problem.

Difficulty and skill are not the same thing.

OP translates to ‘I’m hardstuck in bronze and unable to climb’ :sweat_smile:

Find a single friend.

Pocket him every match.

Gg you are climbing