Mercy takes the most skill out of all the heroes

Just kidding, no idea why this brainless hero is even in the game. You can roll your face all over your keyboard and easily hit masters.

Not surprised to see 90% of the one tricks in this game are mercy players. If they were to ever swap off Mercy they’d get hardstuck in gold because they aren’t good enough to keep their inflated rank up.


A lot of top 500 supports who don’t main Mercy like ML7 have said Mercy (besides Lifeweaver) is the hardest support to solo carry and climb with. I’d trust their word over yours.


If you duo with someone it’s very easy but solo it’s almost impossible and based on luck alone.


This is what it looks like when a player gets shredded by a dmg boosted hitscan - they come to the forums to ragepost.


An account that mostly has activity to complain about Mercy and Moira.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Nothing of substance here.


So since you want easy wins and rank climbing we can expect to see your unranked to GM Mercy plays right? I mean it’s that easy isn’t it? Easier that making this thread so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

And so easy you could dual box so getting bored isn’t an excuse, cause you don’t need to pay attention at all on Mercy.


All you gotta learn as Mercy is not to get hit when you do your job and its damn easy IMO.

But many DPS failed to master such an easy brainless “skill lol” and eat enemy shots like breakfast.

Amazing isn’t it!


Another thing is that so many DPS flat out ignore her, making her job so much easier.

Really I’ve seen the majority of players who actively fight Mercy are supports or those who play niche heroes.


Yeah honestly no I think she’s decently hard. Because at low ELO she’s useless and at high elo you’re against people that can actually aim and understand her movement and she’s pretty unforgiving in those circumstances. And this is probably just a me thing but I legitimately find her weapon hard to use. Idk what it is about the gun but it doesn’t work with me. But I’m an Ana and Kiriko main in diamond and boy sometimes when I switch to Mercy I really do mess up my movement here and there and immediately get my head blasted. Definite moments where I think to myself “Wow I screwed that up.” or “I could have survived that”

I mean, can you stand to the side and damage boost someone popping off and no one dives you the entire time? Yeah. And it definitely does happen. But I think it’s goofy when people say she’s a no skill hero because if that were true, then you’d see no different skill expression among Mercys of different ranks. Which you absolutely 100% do see. And I wouldn’t have good and bad games on her. Which I definitely do have. So just, logically, no that’s not true.


At the highest peak of OW yes because she has to evade against players that know how to aim, coordinate, and to compete against better support heroes that give more value.


No this is not it , you cannot solo carry with Mercy . Maybe with Ana , Kiri or Bap but not mercy . Top500 supports can confirm this .

If you find a good pharah you want to pocket then maybe , but otherwise not .

I feel like this is a copypasta from months ago tbh

well with a god duo, its easy. solo? shes definitely the 2nd most hardest support to carry with

Mercy is more or less impossible to outright one trick. No GM Mercy outright can’t play other Supports. Even content creators like Skiesti aren’t on Mercy 100% of the time. So you can forget about inflated rank.

And Mercy isn’t the easiest character in the game. Not even the easiest in her role. So I don’t understand your problem with her.


the crickets are chirping in the dead of night

haha have you seen the streamers that play her?, they play 1 handed talking to their simp chat while eating food, most AFK braindead hero there is. Such boring gameplay too, only reason ppl watch is for the cleavage cause the zoomers haven’t learned about free P yet.

Found OPs alt account


prove it, make mercy unranked ti masters live on twitch on a fresh acc. If u hit masters imma donate u 150 bucks

but tbh thats kind of with every hero isnt it?(i mean yes, mercy is easier to boost cause she has impact by default. but still)

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I’d love to watch you do it without a duo’s partner.