Mercy: So Whats Next?

Yeah, which is why valk just doesnt work. A tranformative ult on Mercy in general just doesnt work. She has a strong base kit. Extra mobility, group heal, and regen dont mean anything when you already do that well. It doesnt need to be better. It adds no utility and just puts her on ez mode.

Its hollow. Freakin Eevee doesnt even play her anymore


Eeveea said it from the start.Valk is lazy-written poorly drawn ultimate that was regected in the freaking alpha of overwatch.Instead of buffing the strong aspects of mercy they gave her a get out of jail free card with valk with the 30rez cooldown on top.It removes the temptation of actually thinking as mercy,now i just press Q and hope the enemy doesnt have every ult of their team ready.I just spam the blue beam because i like blue better.Oh and the yellow one is useless.Mercy a main healer cant even outheal the gorilla’s primary fire,a tank.Blizzard this is ridiculous fix our godamn angel


She’s slightly subpar in most ranks. That’s not the same as being a throw pick. She might be pretty bad in GM but in most ranks Masters and down she’s just in the lower part of the list alongside heroes like Roadhog, McCree, etc.

She’s probably a little underpowered, but not hugely so.

Shes a throw pick in masters too, her winrate is garbage


I like you already. :blush:

I like your suggestions. I think a slight buff to 55hp would be a nice middle ground as well. The Res as an Ult again, combined with Pacify / Angel’s Grace is exactly the kit I would love to see happen to Mercy. It covers nearly all the issues with her being unengaging, and allows for skillful plays as well as rewarding counterplay.

Excellent idea all around. Great post OP! Let’s do it!

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OP, feel free to add this to the OP:

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Oh yes thank you, I didnt know they had made another thread on Mercy. I always liked the pacify ability and was hoping I remembered right


It’s within a percentage point of Hanzo’s.

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Why are we comparing a support to a dps? Shouldn’t we just determine whether she is a throw pick by looking at the other 5 supports?

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Because Hanzo was a character in the same winrate range I thought we could all agree isn’t a throw pick.

Hanzo isn’t a support.

Fine, whatever. It’s 2% under Lucio. Which isn’t good but I wouldn’t go so far as ‘throw pick’.

Really if you listen to the winrates, the overwhelming message isn’t “Avoid Mercy”, it’s “Play Brigitte”.

Her pickrate is steadily decreasing. People have no reason to believe that it will increase again. :man_shrugging:.

More like, “WHY MERCY? GO ANA OR MOIRA!!” That’s just my opinion though.


No seriously Brigitte has a 2-5% winrate advantage in most ranks. It’s bigger than the Mercy disadvantage.

Also the winrates are kind of suggesting that dual off healer comps are a good idea, the off healers are fairly consistently above the mains.

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Well, and before the Mercy rework the dominant support meta was double off healer in the Lucio Zen dive. Mercy 2.0 was a monster, but it isn’t because she was outhealing the competition.

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Nicely written. It feels like we’re reaching the end of an era with Mercy… Whether that’s for better or worse depends on how much the devs are willing to use our feedback.


Fantastic post here, hope the devs read it.

The only thing I would change would be bumping her healing all the way back to 60hps. If she isn’t going to have any offensive capabilities whatsoever, she deserves to be far and away the best healer in the game. Just my opinion.

Otherwise great write up!


So i was thinking, maybe her E could wrap her wings around an ally and will make her and her ally invulnerable for 2 seconds, this would have to be high CD cause this could be very powerful. if she used stupidly she would most likely die after because she and the ally she used it on would lose ability to move during cast and neither can use abilities. When she Valks her E would upgrade to resurrection, this would be instant and and only allows 1 person to be resurrected. You can also add the healing boost and change it to single target beam.

I got your answer; Jeff will be tricking us again with a pretty skin, so us Mercy mains will be hyped and will keep playing her.


Honestly, Valk seems more of an E ability at this point rather than an ult.

She just presses Q and hovers from team to team, thats it and hope to god the enemy team doesnt outdamage your healing. Yes, so fun and invigorating. Compared to Ressurection where you have to be careful with your ult and time it and save your team; which heavily relies on you position.

Valk suits more of an E ability at this point rather than an ultimate and Ressurect should just go back to an ultimate with the tweaks OP have suggested.