Mercy Rework Idea For Impact and Fun

I can already imagine an unkillable bastion who’se head hitbox is behind him, or Hammond rolling around being invulnerable because his head is hidden inside the ball. Do stuns and other CC work during Angelic Gift?

Also I think that giving invulnerability to the whole team would be pretty OP, many heroes cannot even headshot. In lower Elos Mercy would become an increadibly high picked character

ok, but where’s the fun part?


It’s stuff like this that always comes to mind when it comes to “death prevention”/temporary invulnerability/damage reduction/cc invuln/etc, abilities.

The idea of it being on something like a Dragonblade makes it so difficult to sell people on.

From a hardcore “bring back mass rez” supporter:

The concept behind Undying Light… Actually sounds epic enough to replace rez. The version you’ve proposed could use a few tweaks (details like it’s range and such), but overall it’s definitely caught my eye.

I’d put something different on E, though. I’d either want Vaccine or Pacify.

Vaccine: makes a teammate resistant or immune to cc, and grants a bit of damage resistance.

Pacify: debuffs an enemy’s damage for a short period of time, and makes their cc less effective.

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I think your rework is creative but would not work in the game.

First off : the healing with the aiming thing would be buggy af and also it would be too strong in my opinion, 70hps non stop (cause aiming is not that hard) that’s too much.

Your E ability that’s also way too strong, first because that mean you make many people useless (Ana, Rein, Brig etc…) but also because if you put that on a Nano Blade you deny any chance of countering him (in highers ranks that does happen and that would make him too strong) but you can extend that to basically all Flankers (Doom who’s already quite annoying you can’t even damage him with your poor support).

The ulti :
Wayyyyy too strong, you’re basically making your team unkillable because 20m is a lot, 10s is really long, and even though you can destroy the orb, that means focusing on something else and letting the ennemy team do as they please.

Basically that would make her way too strong.


+1 for creativity.

Things I don’t like:
Don’t know why the most consistent healer should be able to dish out 70 HPS just for placing her crosshair on the target her beam is locked on to. There is really no risk to it as failing to do so just lowers her healing output. It’s a skill ceiling increase with a safety net.

The trend right now is that there is too much burst healing which makes DPS that aren’t capable of 1 shotting pretty much useless overall.
Ana heals a lot, has Nade and her ult. She is basically capable of bringing a tank from the brink of death back to full health.
Brig with her Repair Pack is basically a nano heal on a cooldown, even more so with a nano buff.
Basically designed to rob people of their effort if they can’t 1 shot.

Your Angelig Gift basically follows that same trend, even making some heroes incapable of doing damage to the target. It’s also unclear whether CC effects will affect the target.
It also allows for even more disgusting synergy with Pharah and other ults like Dragon Blade.

The ult seems like the broken version of Zen’s ult but by the way you describe it, there is some counterplay to it.

Basically everything AngelRoar said.

Also want to know how it works with other ults, because from the looks of it you just made your entire team immune to every DPS ult in the game besides EMP since technically none of them can crit.

Edit: You also dont mention the ult requiring LoS which means you could just toss it up 20m near the point somewhere behind natural map cover. Please dont expect a flanker to be able to locate then kill a 500 hp orb floating 10ms somewhere.

Absolutely Broken.
4 seconds of only headshot characters being able to do ANYTHING against the target. Think Pharamercy is powerful? Wait until the only way to take Pharah out of the air is get a headshot with widow or two headshots with McCree.

Or alternatively, like Zileon, maybe mercy could throw her “e” res on an enemy BEFORE they die, that way it’s a skill shot that can miss and she has to be in proper positioning and have game sense awareness to throw her e to someone who’s about to die. If the person does not die with Mercy’s “e” on them, then nothing happens.

The basic idea is good, but 70 hp is way to much.

That would make most dps immortal for 4sec …. totally OP.

Again … the basic concept sounds nice, but it’s to OP.

You’re right guys. .n. Just trying to think of something that’s smarter than “bring back mass Rez” as a thing.

Guess I’m terrible at this.

The only reason I suggested that it make crits the only way to beat this, was because

  • so many people complain about no aim heroes being meta. What if all of them were bad against something?
  • Doomfist is being complained about a lot, as with Brigitte. If they can’t deal damage but still CC, then they can’t get much done.

I will take everything that gets entirely rid of valk and e-rez. You have some pretty creative idea here with your ultimate and e-ability. But like Silawatsi said.

This seems a bit more reasonable as a normal ability so you cant make an ulting Reaper/Gengu or whatever else to hard to deal with. Otherwise I would advise you to post your ideas in Titaniums thread as well.

As much as I think your idea is terrible I appreciate that you are actually trying to be constructive instead of joining the crowd of mercy thread spam. I thank you. Keep up the creative thinking. Perhaps with time you may come with something more reasonable that will catch Blizzards eye.

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As much as I LOVE Mercy concepts that remove rez… I just find it hard to think it’s realistic. There are a lot of people that push back, and devs themselves clearly want to keep it in this game…

God I wish though…

Outside of that… While E on Rez at this time seems balanced… I can understand why some people might feel it came at too much a cost.

I will say, outside of the -10 hps nerf on healing beam… Her base kit, outside of ult, has only improved. I can understand dissatisfaction for Valk though.

I think, from what I’ve seen around here and stuff, tying singular rez to Valk, reducing Valks impact to compensate, and replacing E rez for some other E ability, seems to be the most agreeable solution to the concerns regarding Mercy.

Maybe the E could become Valkyrie if the “Angelic Gift” idea is too op? Like, just flight. No chain beams, no movement speed increase, no range increase, just flight for like 5 seconds?

Anyways, i really like the idea of this new ultimate

Even if every single hero in the game were to require Aim, we would still find things to complain about. That being said, not many people complain about Winston or Rein who don’t need to aim either so there’s that.

About your second point sure you see it like that, defending your allies which is nice and cute but really naive (not to be mean in any way but that would NEVER be the case). On the contrary that Doomfist or that Brig you’re talking about would be the ones to get that boost meaning they would be just even more annoying and infuriating :confused:

This is basically Brig’s ult first of all, we don’t need similar ult but you get points for coming up with a plan unlike most people who are against Mercy.

The problem with the ult is lasts too long and 500 damage in 10 seconds is impossible to do IF you’re too busy trying to kill of the enemy team. Of course it’s possible if the team concentrates their power into destroying it but they might get killed in the process. It’s like aimlessly shooting at sym’s barrier. It gets you nowhere. 500 damage is like taking a direct hit from D.Va’s bomb with Brig’s shield up. Nah. Too op.

I feel like deleting rez gets rid Mercy’s quirk. She’s no longer mercy at that point.

Mercy has to deliver enough healing to be useful but enough to be able to kill off someone and that’s the problem.

But I give you props for coming up with a possible rework instead of complaining with no type of action.

The idea definitely sounds fun. However, it would not work in-game.
Mercy is supposed to be a strong SOLO TARGET healer. The E ability supports that role, and I actually quite like that E ability. In my opinion it COULD work, but with tweaks. I’d also like to know how much damage it negates. I’m not good with numbers so I can’t make any suggestions.
Her ultimate completely destroys her purpose of being a solo target healer. It’s far too strong and counters more heroes than the ult can be countered by. I somewhat like the ultimate, but it would need many tweaks and such, and would not work for Mercy. It could work with another support hero, but I doubt we’ll be getting another one for a while.

Undying light seems good.

Ability should be replaced in my opinion with damage reduction tied to her healing beam.

Zilean FTW :stuck_out_tongue: [characters]