Mercy quality of life changes

It may seem less important but its nice to be “on fire” ingame. People would at least feel a bit more usefull with it but of course there are more important things its just some QoL changes and no big balance thing.

Yeahhh her on fire rate is what, 2%? It’s very very low. I’m indifferent to the other two changes. But on fire rate needs to be looked at.

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I’d like the second one. Currently I have toggle beams off but I GA to whoever I’m connected to - however, if I could have this as well as GA’ing to whoever is in sight, it would be cool :slight_smile:

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I would absolutely love to see her super jump kept on as an ability. GA and super jump are the only 2 things left that make her fun in my opinion.


Yes they need to fix that so people can feel a bit more awesome when playing her. It is just sad when your entire team is on fire but you as Mercy supporting them all the time dont get any good feedback from the game.

Yes! I would love such an option as well. :smiley:

Would be amazing but I am not sure if they really want to do that or just fix the bug instead.



Thank you for opening a constructive thread!

Superjump should be adopted as a mechanic because it is healthy for the game. It is not strictly better than a normal GA because it places Mercy in the air in a predictable trajectory, exposing her to hitscan. So, it adds another layer of decision-making to Mercy’s gameplay. Also, it lessens Mercy’s dependency on teammates with vertical mobility. Synergy is good, but codependency is bad. Without superjump, Mercy’s balance might reach a point where she is OP with a Pharah, but bad everywhere else. That would remove nuance from hero selection, and so some version of superjump should remain in the game.

GA Targeting should also be changed to allow for separate keybinds for prefer beam target on/off. The more buttons Mercy has at her disposal, the higher her skill ceiling becomes.

Damage Boost should have an optional indicator for successfully-boosted damage. On live, there is no difference between hits registered by the recipient of a healing beam versus a damage boost. Some visual or auditory distinction between the two would help Mercy players practice quickly toggling between healing and damage boosting.

With these added options and feedback, Mercy would become a much more engaging and rewarding character to play.


Super jump is not a bug, it’s a feature now. It was a bug when she first got it but they reworked it and specifically said it’s a feature now. Even if they didn’t want to rework it in a way that allows her to get elevation it doesn’t matter that’s how they reworked it.
If they remove it and call it a bug now, the entire player base should get their pitch forks out.

Thank you for leaving constructive feedback! :slight_smile:

I think I missed the memo saying that. Would be nice if it were a feature now just like her bunnyhop.

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when they reworked her bunnyhop to not be a bug, the super jump got included into it because of how they reworked it. They reworked the bunnyhop to function like widow’s hook.
If they got rid of it now, they would need to create new tech for it. I think they knew what they are doing when creating this new movement for mercy, if they tried to fix it now it would be more trouble than it’s worth.

But I guess it would fall into the “dragon strike boosting is a bug” category lol. Still, if they didn’t want the super jump to be in the game they would have not reworked bunnyhop at all.

I don’t see how to be honest.
How would this be a buff?

The developers already stated that on fire doesn’t affect SR and Mercy already has the lowest fire gain. This change would most like increase Mercy’s POTG chances (God forbid a hero other than Genji getting it) and it would increase chances of getting the MVP card.

While we at it, we should Ana’s fire gain as well. This could fix her POTG problem.

Read my last post in this thread - I mistook “on fire rate” with “fire rate”. I just didn’t read carefuly enough.

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You make a good point that it would seem unfair for the devs to retool the superjump after officiating it as a mechanic. However, they might not have anticipated the vertical crouch-leap that exists on live. If so, then we should argue that it is healthy for the game if Mercy has some vertical mobility independent of her teammates.

Let Mercy simultaneously damage boost and heal during Valk :3

If you are interested in balance changes instead of these QoL improvements proposed here. I suggest you visit Titaniums latest thread.

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I think they might have just removed it tho. As of the patch adding Busan to the game I can no longer perform this. Pressing crouch+GA at the same time no longer works… :confused:

Well I expected them to remove it since they dont want even more bugs in the game.

Could I add some suggestions?

  • Make any kills by a newly rezzed target be shown as assisted by Mercy
  • Give us stats for healing/boosting/kills in Valkyrie, and perhaps special cards for them
  • Give us some form of warning when we are about to leave the rez range - right now there is absolutely no indication and it’s especially difficult in Valk
  • Have the wings while in Valkyrie match the actual color of the skin, like the Pink skin (right now all blue wings are still shown as yellow)

Sure little bunny I will add it in the OP.

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QuizzyBunny’s changes do a great job of addressing the main cause behind the perception that Mercy is low impact: The lack of in-game feedback for performing well versus performing poorly.

Most in-game mechanics have immediate feedback for successful performance. Damage produces crosshair bloom. Criticals turn that bloom red and make a satisfying noise. Characters scream when you knock them off the map. Barriers crack when they are about to break. Unique voicelines are spoken when a hook or sleep dart successfully lands. The list goes on.

With Mercy, in-game feedback is limited. When rezzing, how close did you skirt the edge of the range? In Valk, how many targets are connected to your beam at a given time? You just tried to flick damage boost for six McCree shots. How many shots were successfully boosted? Which ones?

In-game indicators for these events would improve player experience with Mercy much more than changing her kit or her numbers. Too often you see Mercy players Valk at odd times, rez in the open, and hold down either healing or damage boost for seconds at a time. They do not know any better. The game is not telling them what they are going right versus what they are doing wrong. It is like playing Tracer without crosshair bloom or Lucio without an aura ring. It is the first thing that should change about Mercy’s kit.

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