Mercy players, are you fine with the current state of the hero?

Pulling off rez never was an issue for me, but it’s constant issue to get that value out of player I bring back.

Because, let’s be honest, resurrect provides nothing for player you bring back to justify your choice. You got them back, perhaps in hostile area, with enemy players on their way to eliminate you both, but they aren’t given anything to fight their way through or escape.

making res bring back more people doesn’t change that though. and it also doesn’t change how the mercy player doesn’t have a meaningful say in the factors in what makes a corpse res-able.

It does improve the odds, however. Since more players means, that enemy can’t focus on just one.

Resurrecting multiple players was rather effective way to catch enemy off-guard, as they got multiple targets to take care of at once, and it will take them some time to set their priorities on who target first.

  1. what makes you think you wouldn’t be using it to tempo res a pick most of the time compared to res’ing multiple people?
  2. if they managed to get 2+ picks on your team in a sort of quick succession for such a res to be possible, why would res’ing multiple people be much of an issue in terms of “focus”?
  3. resing any amount, even 1 “improves the odds”
  4. people don’t simply target a freshly ressed enemy unless there ressed in a position that’d be easy picking for them e.g. ressed into like a 1/2v6 i.e. rest of mercy’s team is dead. they’re just treated as any other enemy ._.

Ok, answering in order:

Generally insufficient impact from any individual players.

They would appear all over the place, making it difficult to cover all at once.

Not really. 1 is too easy to shutdown/fail due to player in question being clueless.
2 is minimum, ideally far from each other.

Often they do, as freshly resurrected teammate takes some time to become aware of current situation and easier to eliminate.

Am I fine with the current state of Mercy?

Absolutely not.

There’s a thread (Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State) that goes into detail on what’s gone wrong with Mercy, but the short version is that:

1: Mercy’s kit has been oversimplified and her skill ceiling severely lowered after she was reworked in 2017

2: Deleting/harshly nerfing all other ways of playing Mercy have railroaded her into playing as a pocket bot (which isn’t fun)

3: Turning resurrect into a cooldown and giving her access to chained beams have caused Mercy to become way too forgiving of mistakes.

Mercy needs another rework.

The simplest thing to do would make Valkyrie and Rez swap places in her kit… although it would be preferable if both of those abilitites were reworked afterwards to fit their new slot better.


:eyes: at how tempo res was very common and was the better way of using old res…

…they have a bright light animation and they’re stationary…like if you were waiting for it, pick 1 to go for… if you’re in a poor position because of it, gtfo … like nothing to be extremely distracted for. esp since all the other constraints of windup, near stationary mercy etc. is there (heck prevent the rest in the first place),

there’s a big difference between a 5v6 vs a 6v6 even in lower ranks…
and implementing the logic of forcing ressed allies to spawn far from each other will be a big :thinking:.

with death spectating and the wind up “reviving” view to see your surroundings? doubt. :thinking:

i would tend to agree with that but for the simple fact that players are not all good with aim

there are players with physical limitations and disabilities as well

so bottom line, it isnt always easier to keep tanks up as Ana, despite the statement above reading as if it were an always-type truth

Not for me. For me tempo res never worked. Optimal number was 3-4 players at once, before remaining 1-2 allies die.

Never had fights won with 1 player advantage on my side, sorry. Required a lot more, than that.

They not always expect to be resurrected.

the statement I replied to indicated that she has no impact ever - that she was/is not impactful

my experiences - and similar experiences of many others - demonstrates otherwise

I am somewhat gladdened that your stance has changed from no impact to “low impact”

But no…I have seen Mercy carry matches. There is potential in each match for very high impact

I might consider this a good point if players always miss their shots

but they dont, so…

not at all.

cover can be taken advantage of when available, and allies can be called upon to provide cover and/or distraction and/or simply killing the red team members who would be trying to take you out during rez

not at all

Valkyrie changes the situation dramatically, from positioning possibilities to new offensive possibilities to multiple allies impacted and etc etc etc.

Valkyrie is imo one of the most powerful ults in the game, and arguably THE most versatile one as well

doesn’t matter. no matter how she goes about applying damage boost, etc. mercy’s inputs has no change in how they prioritise targets nor how well they aim to get more value from damage boost. like that’s simply fact.

like you could be doing all the peek around corner business maintaining perma boost safely behind cover, but in terms of how much value damage boost it’s getting, it’s no different to if you didn’t because mercy’s input has no baring on how well the boosted target uses the boost.

you as the mercy player don’t decide that. the person that died and the enemy killed them does.

if that’s a valid defense then there’s plenty of balance decisions (e.g. how blizz decided supports should have self defense capabilities) could be taken away and future balancing can be ignored because “just tell a teammate to handle it for you”.

this argument fall further flat because there’s various other supports that have much higher self agency for value without “needing to call upon teammates to [make it work]”.

And again, them covering for you, or them distracting for you and/or the enemy being incompetent are all NOT from the mercy player’s input.
Person A telling Person B to make input X is not the same as Person A making input X especially when Person B can fail at making input X i.e. Person B is in control, not Person A.

valk doesn’t change the fact that damage beam has no baring on changing how well the beamee(s) aim nor change how well they prioritise targets.

valk doesn’t change how res opportunities are still dictated by factors controlled by every other player in the match.


One main downside for me between Valkyrie and mass rez, is that I can’t make players group together.

Or, if I didn’t say it properly, with mass rez you could make players group together, if they ran in one by one and got killed - not very easy, but doable. With Valkyrie, unless players themselves are actively trying to group up, it won’t happen.

You can reasonably expect your teammate to do 2 things - run towards enemy and shoot in same direction. Anything above that(like running through specific route, hitting shots/shooting specific targets, evading, etc.) may not be included in whole “teammate package”. Remote control module is optional too.

I’m no Mercy main but she’s (sorry not sorry) one of the easier support characters to play, along with Moira. So I’m perfectly fine with her, I guess.

I see it as a good thing - a very good thing - that this game creates substantial inclusivity for players with physical limitations/disabilities by including characters for them that are generally easier to play - while also providing harder to play characters for those who prefer a bigger challenge

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She is fine atm. The one that needs to fixing is Brig.

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this isn’t true, damage boost has the potential for lots of impact and so does rez if you prioritize rezing people that have ult

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Damage boost is one of the thing that is killing this game it needs to go

Only thing I’d also ask for is easier Superjump inputs. Right now it’s a real awkward button combo and half the time you go way too high or not high at all. Make it a lil more consistent


Teammates are unreliable, and damage boost/res rely on them.


Mercy can’t do damage by herself, but she makes up for that via damage boost.