Mercy player looking for long term duo

Hi all,
I’m Jane, and I’m looking for a friendly duo (trio is fine too!) to queue comp with in the long run. I was consistently in high masters in ow1 :slight_smile: (Currently in D2!)

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add me Trukye#2394 so we can play together !



I am a support main, currently in Gold 2. I love playing comp, but unfortunately the toxicity and unsupportive teamates make it difficult to rank up.

My aim is to rank up and improve my own skill. However, due to solo queing, it is not all that fun (as I am sure you know lol) but playing with others can make the whole experience way more enjoyable and encouraging.

I am down to duo if you would :slight_smile:

My battlenet: Icefire018#2976
My discord: IceFire#4323

hey, master 2 genji looking for exactly the same. Whats your tag?

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Idk why this feels weird adding strangers, but here I am. Would you be down to play someday?

Hey whats ur discord or bnet tag?