Mercy Pink skin

I’ve seen recently there has been a bit of talk about the Mercy punk skin.
For some reason I didn’t even know it existed, and that’s after playing 100’s of hours of OW.
I am a support main and the occasional tank.
I’ve seen the cancer ribbon player icon and always wanted to know how to get this.
So after a bit of reading, I found out that it was from a charity event for breast cancer.
I would love for Blizzard to allow people to be able to purchase the skin and icon and allow the proceeds to go to charity.
This I feel strong and passionate about as I have a terminal cancer called “Multiple Myeloma”
Would mean the world to me if I was somehow able to show my support in game to a cause closest to me.


Hopefully they’ll bring it back soon :pray:

However, based on all the recent scandals that blizz has had I doubt right now would be an appropriate time to bring it back.


Not this again… there are legal reason why they cant make it available again. There are a TON of threads that ended with that message. No chance to get this skin anymore.


Personally, I think the dragoon skin beats pink mercy.

Little do you know this is actually the 9474th thread asking for this skin to return

It hasn’t so far and probably never will


i have no words…


Look ik its rare, but imo, its not needed to be a ‘mercy main’ nor is it particularly special outside of the custom projectile colors and sounds.

Its great that it helped charity out though!

lol i know, it’s just that out of all the skins that you couldve used to say looks better than Pink you used one of the most hated Mercy skins in the game…

pretty sure those key details make the skin particularly special lol not to mention that her LNY highlight intro also gets changed to have pink writing instead of the standard yellow like with every other skin including Atlantic.

Oh and its the only skin of hers that actually changes Valkyrie’s wing colour from the standard yellow to pink.


Not this. :skull: :skull:

you can keep wishing :joy:

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It’s NEVER coming back just it go


You mean the swamp crocoodile Mercy?

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They literally said they’re not bringing it back

Can we report all these Pink threads as spam


Welcome my fellow Mercy Main. Unfortunately, this skin was a limited-time event skin that I understand many other Mercy main’s and non Mercy main’s would love to obtain this skin, but it has been stated multiple times that it is very highly unlikely to be brought back due to reasonings like H1st0ry stated.

I for one do not care if the skin makes a return or not, as I already obtain the skin and I want others to have the chance to obtain a cosmetic skin, but I am more than welcome for Blizzard to do a new face (new skin for a new hero) for a charity event.


Here we go again.

I wouldn’t say dragoon is her worst legendary. Imp on the other hand looks like she just put on scary makeup, horns etc on her white battle armor. At least Devil has the red motif going for it.

Hell my only critism of Dragoon is the helmet could be a bit different but that’s more down to if you compare it to its spray and which looks better.

But Mercy is like the Barbie doll of Overwatch with her many outfits. The quality may different but they’re fine overall.

:open_mouth: How dare you. That skin is legendary! literally and figuratively!

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Is it?

I always felt it (Dragoon) was her best lol

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I mean, when the skin was released it had a lot of negative outcry, do you not remember? On various platforms (Twitter, Forums, YouTube) during the reveal of the skin almost everyone had some sort of complain about it (mostly about the helmet) and few actually enjoy it (props to you if you do, it’s just not majority’s cup of tea).

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True, Imp & Devil are hideous (imo), however; I personally think that Dragoon is the worst looking EVENT legendary skin (again, imo).

There are no legal hurdles, actually…there are many claims of such, but little or nothing or substance

not at all

there hasnt been nearly that many threads, same as not every role-less queue match has 5 dps

that said, the mods dont seem to want old threads to be reopened, so when someone wants to speak on this topic the right thing to do is open a new topic…its the right thing to do, and as such, there’s no problem with it despite the implication otherwise in the statement above

when and if the owners decide it will return, it will return, no matter how many naysayers speak to the contrary here

just let it go?


forum members are free to speak about any OW related topic they wish n these forums. Forums specifically intended for discussion of Overwatch topics.

Like this one

thats part of why its special

and because it represents worthy cause

and because many people find it to be a beautiful skin

Given that it is a Overwatch-related topic in a discussion forum to discuss Overwatch-related topics…no, it isnt spam