Mercy mains will never be happy

It’s only boring if you find Ana boring to play to begin with.


Valk is awful and i prefer if it stayed Mercy’s ult. It really needs changes. It’s atrocious game design.

The nonsense some here spout just to crap on Mercy mains is absolutely painful to read. You’re not helping, least of all the people that want to keep Valk. Get out.


Doesn’t that apply to Mercy then? o.o

No because her kit literally gets simplified. It’s ez mode. Everything about her gets made easier.

AoE beams = Juggling beams are more fun

High mobility = BHop is more fun and it is a better escape tool

Infinite ammo = even if we were going to use it, why tf do we need infinite ammo. That literally encourages a Mercy to leave her job as a healer to go do damage.

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They’re actually pressing one button though.

Lucio, press a button to beat drop.
Zen, press a button to Trance.
Brig, press a button to Rally.
Ana, press a button to Nano.
Moira, press a button to Kamehameha.


Mercy mains should be happy she doesn’t just press one button and her ult is over. She actually has a transformation ult and requires her to you know, do stuff. But no, you guys just want more and more and more and always want to look at what Mercy doesn’t have rather than what she has and how good she is.

Transformation =/= more fun…

Literally, everything gets handed to us. Everything Valk offers, we can replicate to an extent without it. All it does is take the fun away from things.

Valkyrie is a handicap ult for lazy players. Good Mercy’s don’t need it. Also, I encourage you to read this. Try to read the whole thread if possible.


Again, most people who’ve ever played Mercy just want her to be fun. She is not really all that fun to play right now.

This has nothing to do with balance.

I wish people would stop spreading this misinformation about the Mercy community as a whole. They are not idiots–they understood when their hero was a must pick. No sane person was ever arguing against a nerf, the issue was always will this hero still be fun to play.


Actually we want her to be balanced and fun.

Please read threads more thoroughly, next time! I suggest Titanium’s thread, which is the top one of all time, so you can easily find it :slight_smile:


Who do you main, and how many maps do you use them on? Every map?

b i t c h please we just wanna have fun.You think anyone was happy the first months of the rework when she was a must pick?We just want her to be fun,we just wanna have fun its a godamn game


O boi thank god Zen mains can press Q and do literally NOTHING except automatically healing nearby teammates without b*tching about it.

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That’s because “Mercy mains” is a fictional scapegoat concept you’ve invented on the forum to represent a very small vocal minority that does not in any way represent the actual player base.

Let’s say there are ten thousand posters active on the forum. Let’s say that there’s 100 “Mercy mains” that fits your criteria (that’s been very generous).

There are forty million players. That means the forum represents 0.025% of the player base. And the “Mercy mains” represent 1% of the forum and 0.00025% of the player base.

Just because an idea is popular does not mean it is correct. There’s literally no proven difference between “Mercy mains” and any other type of main. All YouTubers post videos about their main. All players main different heroes.

The only actual difference is that you’ve heard the term “Mercy main” enough times to think there’s some substance behind it. If you hear something repeated enough times, it seems true. That’s how most false myths start.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever seen any actual evidence such as data to validate this “Mercy main” stereotype? Don’t buy into a vocal minority. And stop feeding the stereotype by making generalizing threads.

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Quite literally, the same can be said of people who say the same thing about Mercy.

Y’alls hypocrisy knows no bounds.

And any ability needs to be completely unique or the best of it’s kind. Even then they’ll downplay it.

“Mercy mains will never be happy”

Yea… Not until they get their hero back.


you change your player icon so often >_>

Did you intentionally skip the part where I explain that it’s not the same for Mercy or?

Don’t you just love it when people can’t scroll down to the next 2 replies.

Hell yes, I skipped that wall of regurgitated text. I’m not reading that! I know better than to invest too much of my time reading the things you have to say. I’ve been having these conversations/debates/arguments with people like you for longer than you’ve been parading around these forums, kiddo. My statement still stands, your statement is just a copy and paste of something someone else said.

When did ignorance become a point of view? :man_shrugging: