Mercy mains giving up due to overwatch devs

In that case, please provide a quote from any Blizzard developer saying Mercy’s old Ultimate was the most overpowered Ultimate in the game, and/or saying that the entire Meta revolved around her. Otherwise I’ll have to assume that’s just another story.


Agreed. It was even proven that based on forum profile stats, before forum profiles were recently hidden, that they never appeared to read the megathread feedback. I honestly doubt they even read any of it when not logged on to the forum. It’s quite a shame how poorly they’ve handled the rework from day one to date.


Where does this sense of entitlement all of you have come from? It sounds neat I want some.

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Why don’t mercy mains stop playing her?
I have.
I know she’s your main and all and maybe your favorite but if you’re losing with her constantly then give the game a break or learn another hero and wait for blizzard to get it through their heads.

I’ve stopped playing junkrat after his last nerf dumpster tiered him for any rank plat and up in hopes they’ll see he’s not played at my skill level very much or when he is he’s not carrying his weight and finally buff/nerf him to require more skill but be viable.
The more she’s played the more likely her pickrate and winrate will be awful close to 50% leading them to believe she’s fine.

This game might as well be dps watch right now anyway, good as time as ever to take a break.


You rather missed the point of the comment. Not much point getting a lot of attention if you don’t want the type of attention provided. If someone scratched your car, would you say “oh great, I’m getting attention?” or would you try to stop them from continuing to scratch your car?



Moving on…


Objectively false.


LOL obviously no dev would say anything as inflammatory as “Mercy’s ULT was the most overpowered in the game,” and there’s no need to be hostile about it. Anyway, you can interpret what the devs are saying by the words they’re using and the tone it conveys. For instance, here are some direct quotes from the devs:

The developers clearly say here: “the way Mercy’s ULT functioned was causing a number of problems. It was frustrating to play against…” How could you possibly read that as anything other than “Mercy’s ULT is overpowered”? Furthermore, without specifically saying that the meta revolved around Mercy, the devs looked at her insane pickrate, how her OP ultimate led to SR abuse (hence the SR nerf), and turned a mass res ultimate ability into a single target ability on a permanent timer cooldown. If that doesn’t scream “we’re nerfing this ULT because it’s OP and encourages bad gameplay” I don’t know how else to explain it to you.

Next Patch, 1.17.2

Resurrect – her old Ultimate ability that in the previous patch the devs admitted had little counterplay and was too strong – “still feels too strong and frustrating to play against.” How do you not read that as TLDR: the ULT is OP?

Next Update

Here the devs are saying they nerfed her to allow MORE counterplay (read: there was not enough counterplay to her ULT. if there was, there would be no need to include this sentence), while also admitting that even that nerf was not enough so they say they’re “toning back [the ult] even more to overall reduce the power of the ability.” Why would you need to reduce the overall power of an ability unless it was OP? Simple reading comprehension.

That’s 3 different dev notes I googled for you and explained. Now it’s up to you to actually read this and respond.


That’s what she did before, if the Mercy had any brains. I really should just link to the zillions of posts point that out at this point but I can’t tell if you’re trolling or just don’t bother to read what people who play her actually say :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that’s the most pretentious analogy I’ve seen on here.


Because some people complained about how the shift in ideal playstyle since the rework and despite her being balanced, many still hate the fact the rework ultimately made pocketing more viable than juggling.


love the mocking posts without a point trying to be clever as they repeat to the nausea what youtubers tell them to think.

I think we all moved on or had to about the mass rezz thing, then people like you were angry cause mercy was op…rezzing in the open as an ability. Then she was nerfed again… so please…we have all heard that kind of comments before, not constructive an really empty.

I know you can think for yourself and be constructive. And before you say anything from the lines of…

  1. you want your character to be mandatory…no, we dont. A lot of us didnt want the rework at first, the one people praised at first with comments like "suck it " or…hahahaha yay mass rezz is gone…and then after a week said "mercy is op, nerf mercy is mandatory and we do not like the rework. Something some of us said when the rework was in the PTR still.

  2. You want mass rezz back, no, if your feeligns are so hurt there are other ways. Valkyrie is no brain even less than you think mass rezz was. At least we chose when to use it and the battle momentum, now it is not even worth to do so.

  3. Mercy is viable now dont complain and move on. No mercy is not fine as it is show in the stats, youc an move on as well.

  4. You got a buff. Be happy…it was a revert. Mercy healed for long time even in F-tier 60 hps and also after the rework in valkyrie. As the last nerf touched not the mass rezz you complained about but even the healing per second to 50 hps…is harder to gain the ultimate, so they made it less costly and added back the 60 hps in the valkyrie. Check Moira ult stats and you will see it heals more and does also damage.

I know this post is longer than a nice catch phrase, but I try to give a not so simple issue a not simple answer. Anyway I understand is easier to remember and to spread if is that basic or generalizes too much.
If you have a serious opinion about it… I will be glad to hear it even if I disagree with it, we can have a debate around that. What Im sick of is of no brain comments that brings nothing new to the op point.

P.S …be afraid of what do you wish, your next words about how mercy is bad for the game…or change this…can be what you could complain about in the future.


Is interesting how many people want to return to the debate repeating the same sentences and trolling. hide and rezz, mass rezz is bad…that led to the rework and then they complained as we did…with a little difference.
When we said the rework was bad, that would change the game, that was unfun, that had not sense…the same people that complained about the mass rezz and praised the rework…2 weeks later were eating their words.

At least I can say I was coherent. And so many mercy mains were. But hey…is always better to keep it simple and a catch phrase we can repeat till it is true.


… you try really hard to be offended. Ok well… have fun with that.


And yet the dev team released Brigitte. :joy: So much for what 11 other players think.


I know what you mean. I hope at least they are all trolls. I’ll like to think they aren’t almost the dumbest things alive and realize what they are saying is full of … stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

It’d be nice to think so many people can’t miss what Mercy players have been saying from day 1 that valk is **** and will never be good for her or the game


How about you don’t speak for all of us.

I enjoy Mercy now more than I ever did with 1.0.
I still play her the majority of time, I still win more games than I lose.
I haven’t given up on this game, I actually enjoy it more than I did when I started playing (due to Mercy and Torb rework).

I cannot stress this enough and I feel like I’m a faulty records player on repeat all of the time.
Just because you don’t have fun and have impact with her, doesn’t mean every single Mercy main in this game feels the same way. There is a lot of Mercy mains who prefer Valkyrie over mass-rez and would be upset beyond belief if they’d revert her.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying her current iteration can’t be improved with a few minor buffs. Currently, she is surpressed by Ana who is slightly overtuned with her latest Nano-buff. The 300hp insta heal quite functions like a midfight rez, almost no casttime, huge distance applieable. Moira and Mercy would need something similar to make the main support pickrates more even.


As much as I agree with some of that in principle, most Mercy mains DO think it. It’s hard to miss unless you don’t read many Mercy player posts. See the hundreds of thousands of posts in the various mega threads among others and that recent survey on support main+others opinions.

There’s a lot of Mercy players like myself who have stopped playing entirely due to this. And not all of them post on the forums. There are a number of people who like valk, but that’s totally different to being a big percentage of Mercy and former Mercy players. The ones who like it are very much in the minority


^ also this. I mean if you’re so unhappy with her, stop playing her. She still has incredible high pickrates in ranks Bronze-Plat on PC and throughout all ranks on Console.
If you keep playing her, you are “telling” the Devs you are happy with the changes, that you enjoy her. Hence, she’ll only get numbers tweaked to balance her out.

If you want to make a change, stop playing her. Every single one of you who’s unhappy, just stop playing her. If her pickrates plummit into Bastion territory, then the Devs might consider adding new major changes to her.
Moira is as easy to play as Mercy, so that shouldn’t be a reason to keep playing her (mechanically less demanding).

I personally think the high pickrates are there because even if she might be a bit on the weaker side, people still highly enjoy playing her (Moira being a good alternative to her).


…Are you even trying?

By reading what it actually says, that’s how. It was frustrating to play against. Someone could argue that EMP is frustrating to play against simply because you can’t really do anything to prevent it. That sentiment is independent from how powerful the ability is.

Which, ironically enough, is what actually made Mercy overpowered.

Again, by reading what it actually says: “her Resurrect ability still feels too strong”. This refers to Resurrect as an ability. Resurrect was not her Ultimate when that patch was released.

And again… Resurrect was not her Ultimate when that patch was released. They literally mentioned Valkyrie in the comment you quoted.


I tend to say many of us, some mercy players and I personally. If you enjoy her, congrats and awesome for you. At least it did work for someone. We are a lot of mercy mains and we can have different opinions.

If you prefer valkyrie over mass rezz, is understandable, you find it funnier? awesome…it has impact as an ultimate? you cant say that.
Her rezz as kit and utility?..was too op at first now is not even useful, rezzing one when your team already has died 4 times, and at the same time unable to put damage or give anything more to the kit just focusing in healing…while her heal is ourclassed by burst healers…is there.
And not talking about Ana and skill, take Moira for example.

So ok lets find a common ground saying…forget about mass rezz…even about rezz as skill if is going to be so nerfed that has no sense. Ok then rework her again. I cannot stress enough, that more than our subjective opinion valkyrie is a bad bad bad ultimate. You can check he stats of healing not only along the game but compare a valk with any other. You can check the pickratio decreasing, youc an check how she is outclassed by the rest of support class. Those are not opinions, check the data. Overbuff…compare the season 3 when she was f-tier and was even in better state before the rework.

Mercy needs help to be viable and better not to be OP, just to be viable in comparison with other heroes in the support class, or at least…some. Again if you enjoy valk, awesome.