Mercy is DEAD. Can we FIX her now!?

Complaining already? Many other characters had to wait quite a while to shine and in most of the times, they didin’t get to even show their potential until seasons later, but nooo… Mercy has to be meta 24/7. It’s been 7 seasons of her being meta, it’s time for a break.

Have some patience.

Wow, you got this all covered. . .

I. . . see your point about Valk. I do feel rather useless when my team isn’t grouped up and there’s nothing I can do.

Your Supercharger point is right, but at the same time it isn’t mobile like Valk is. Mercy gets guaranteed safety while using it, much like hiding, but she’s still healing/boosting her teammates. And, for a low Mercy like me, it’s like a break. . . something that takes care of all your usual worries (like beam priority, positioning, etc.) while you get some breathing time. But obviously, I’m a garbage Mercy. I am low-tier scum. So I like an ult that does my job for me a bit: an ult that gives my teammates incentive to group up, powers them all through a push (or against one,) gives me a chance to see the situation and reposition when I come back down, and allows unprecedented mobility when my mechanics aren’t normally so good.

But in higher tiers, I see your point. I’m just garbage, so it doesn’t affect me.

It’s not mine. It’s Titanium’s. She’s like this super awesome Naiyan cat.

I agree that Valkyrie shouldn’t be discarded. I’m not one of the Mercy players that dislike it, and I think it’s a really good ult. In fact, I like it much more than I ever liked mass res. I don’t want a revert. I think res is inherently too destabilizing and difficult to evaluate, and I want a stable solution.

I see what you’re saying about the distinctiveness of Mercy with res, but I’m not a fan for two reasons. The first is that it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe the 55 hps compromise you’re proposing would help and maybe it wouldn’t. I really do think there’s a threshold here, and I don’t trust Blizzard to take the time and find it.

The second (and more important to me) is a play style argument. No other character in the game has an ability that’s so disliked by its player base, to the point where they’re campaigning to make it go away and would happily trade it for anything else. If the ability carries with it the price of invalidating the part of the kit that the players do like, that’s a problem.

What makes Mercy fun is her play style of constantly darting around, evading the enemy, predicting the battle, and working hard to keep everyone alive with a medium healing beam. You’re playing a trickster character that manages to evade its predators and save the day. It only works though when the healing manages to keep people alive. Res can be Okay when you pull it off, but it can also be a chore. It stops her flow, and it feels counter intuitive with respect to the rest of her kit. It also cuts up her kit too much, putting too much emphasis on a thing that can only happen once every 30 seconds.

Mercy players flock to Mercy because of her healing and mobility. These are the two principles that Blizzard has stated as the core of her identity, and I really agree with them on that regard. I think she should be designed around them, and not around a clunky long cool down mechanic.

I’m assuming that you play Ana. As a point of curiosity, would you be willing for Ana’s grenade to be replaced by res? Personally, I wouldn’t.

Oh no, Mercy WR whole 1% below Ana, literally dead and unplayable. If they nerf Zen very slightly, supports will be most balanced they ever been, mb Brig will need some help.

Good luck with that.

We will try our best! To get rid of that disguisting ability!

Any thoughts on this?

Valkyrie: "Expert Mode"

Still waiting for


  • Is now affected by Sombra’s Hack and EMP

It’s a transformation ult, so unless EMP and hack suddenly change to affect Dragonblade and Tac Visor it’s not happening.

The point is other supports had their fair share of being “dead”, for over a year while Mercy was reigning, namely Lucio and Ana. If you can’t take 2 weeks of being “dead”, what does that make the other supports? Don’t be close minded, you’re not the only one playing the game.

FYI: Ana have had a time sitting at 44% WR. What do you think about that? Do you think that was FUN?


I was thinking “Double edged sword mechanic” dunno what you’re thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Might as well, since this is less a discussion, and more of a demand thread.

If Mercy is dead, no one else can rez her. :frowning:

This could not be further from the truth if you take a look at Brigitte.

what do you mean and how does it relate to my comment
all I’m saying is that 1 support would always be in the bottom,you can’t have an exact same usage rate and winrate for all supports at the same time,that is just impossible.
and well it is not a bad thing that mercy is down there,especially after she was OP and in the first place for over a year,1 support must always be the worst statistically.

2 issues.

  1. Mercy is actually awful in all ranks according to this weeks stats which isn’t the case for the other supports.

  2. This would literally mean Ana and Lúcio being garbage was not a problem…

Personally I believe Res to be unhealthy for the game at all. Any ability to basically wipe out a mistake seems a bit OP regardless of how many times they nerf it. Give her back all her healing stats then write over Res with another ability. Maybe give her something similar to Orisa’s Fortify. Make her the best support for single target healing, survivability, and mobility. Only way you die is if you mess it up. No gimmicks just reward good game sense.

them being garbage for over a year because of the mercy meta was a problem,being garbage because of how the meta changes for a short time is not a problem. also mercy isn’t garbage IMO,Ana is just a better option when rez cannot get its maximum potential in certain situations,(like fighting in a close range brawl team,where it would be harder for mercy to rez)

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its not pretty losing. And being the only support on the team I started just playing DPS which im awful at and then the team is left without a support.