Mercy is being ignored?

is the only part of Jeff video that I could agree.

Mercy and Zenyatta are not a must pick anymore, literally. Ana/Moira and Lucio can shine again and that’s good.

You cannot expect after 1 year of Mercy dominating every single tier also being the most picked hero to get a buff after one patch that balanced the rest of the support role.

Mercy eventually will get chances/fixes but not after 1 patch.

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Glad we can agree.

Disagree you mean. Both are stances are different.

Who cares? She was the META for nearly a year honestly feels refreshing not having Mercy on my team and the enemy team every damn match. If you want a Hero who has been truly ignored, than look no further than Reaper, A hero who hasn’t been META since season 2 and only gets small buffs that sort of help.


it was being used in pro play too. they didn’t have an sr based motive.

Ugh, what? That makes no sense for 2 reasons.

  • she was f-tier in pro play and was only ever used to pocket a Pharah. Her res was also only ever used to just res the Pharah.

  • it’s a bad strategy. To let your team die.

Can I get a link?

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she wasn’t f-tier after her invulnerability rework, she was a must pick. its why the pros asked for changes.

also it wasn’t a bad strategy it was used to bait out ultimates. you intentionally make them drop ultimates and hide to rez them after they do.

oh how cute, you think a forums essay is proof of anything.

I’m with you there, I would rather Mercy stay the way she is for a while so they can address her properly and give us a fun, viable, balanced, and flexible hero than trying to force things but the question is will Blizzard do that? Hopefully


She was balanced. :slight_smile: If anything, replacing invulnerability for damage reduction or burst heals would still make her balanced. All invulnerability did was make it easier for Mercy to survive.

I’m not buying it. Pros get baited to use ults in a 6v5? Please, that doesn’t even sound remotely realistic.

I need video proof of pros using said strategy. :man_facepalming: since you’re claiming this:


Did you say this with a straight face? I’m not a mercy main, I play her occasionally but currently there is no reason to play her over any of the other healers. Her healing being lowered was even more confusing than other changes before.


Saying this doesn’t change the fact that it was infact inbalanced at pro play.

go look up old xqc clips from season 3 then come back and tell me the same thing.

video evidence isn’t possible because overwatch league banned streaming pro scrims. it was a prevelant issue, and widly talked about however, and the reason people asked for changes.


Apparently ladder play is pro play. Besides, you’re gonna have to find the clips since you’re the one claiming this. The burden of proof is on the one making the claim.

No video evidence? Then your point is basically moot. It was obviously talked about because it was a commonly used, bad strategy that often lead to lost games. People were upset that they were losing games because of a hiding Mercy. That’s understandable. That being said, it isn’t a good strategy at all and would’ve died if the SR system was fixed earlier and if they gave Res a cast time.

It honestly feels like Mercy players wont be happy unless shes a must pick. I often see the she cant perform her job argument or she only pockets a dps now being said like it’s a bad thing.

Pharmercy has been a thing since launch and recently the sniper meta gave her a chance to shine yet again, but why was that? It’s simple really, the team comps she was strong in WERE STRONG.

It’s perfectly fine for her to be a niche pick and regardless of what anyone says Mercys (when not healing) has always been glued to damage boosting certain DPS on applicable maps/team compositions. Which again is fine.

She may not be the definitive single target healer anymore but that does NOT make her bad, it makes her a Niche pick just like Sym, Torb, Sombra ect.

While you can still find success with her, or any other of the aforementioned heros, she is best played when the entirety of her kit can shine. Which isnt and has never been healing tanks after the release of Ana.

Lastly Aria. I’m done with her, I wish her no I’ll will but shes far to biased and looks at things from a consumer (for lack of a better word) standpoint and not a developer one. Meaning sure mass rez may be workable within the confines of Mercys kit, but the long term implications, new heros and numerous buffs and nerfs make an overall fix or revert far less black and white then her videos would imply.

Failure to touch on those points are why I dont enjoy her videos. Shes entitled to her opinion but I’d rather she use her position to give credible/useable feedback outside of “this is a double standard” or “Mercy would be fun with…”.

Im not. again saying it isn’t the case doesn’t change it.

you realise XQC was on a pro team in season 3 right? as was every pro player? just not an OWL team. because they weren’t out yet.

youre entire argument is wrong, has always been wrong, and you know nothing.

Don’t hope for it, if mercy gets even a slight slice of life change, half of the player base will freak out and immediately think blizzard is ruining the game again.

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This is just sad. If Blizzard views turning a niche but well-liked character into first an OP monster and then nerfs it 14 times in a row as “a success”, I don’t even know where to begin. They seem to have this backwards logic to balancing, that it doesn’t matter how a prominent hero feels to play, as long as they are removed from prominence. Turning Mercy in a worse version of her former self just so the other supports can shine, after a rework that her player base didn’t ask for… Just terrible. The right way to balance a class isn’t to utterly destroy one so others can rise. It certainly did cause a meta switch, but the way they went about it… Just terrible. And to think, it all started because they wanted to give Mercy a more “OWL - friendly” kit, and her actual player base have just been trodden on ever since.


All supports should be viable this is why she received a rework. Her mid fight was weak when everyone elses was good. Now history repeats herself her mid fight sucks now after 14 nerfs.

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she is viable. in certain situations. better niche in some, than a must pick in all.

Rule one of game balance: Nobody cares about healers. If you feel like maining one, you will be nerfed into the ground and have the hardest job. Flashy DPS attracts the most players and attention, being the “funnest” and they will see the best heroes, most buffs, and most attention.

Blizz doesn’t want or need all heroes to be viable at the same time. Their entire strategy is selling this game as esports, which thrives on having 90% of the cast worthless and outside of the meta while the exciting decent or good ones get talked about. Maybe they’ll buff Mercy to coincide with releasing another MTX-only skin for her.

any threads about mercy in general would be ignored tbh