Mercy is Balanced but Boring!

This has not changed. Mercy is still a game of survival.

Training wheels how? Mercy as a character is considered training wheels. Valkyrie is just boosting the abilities or giving you a potential escape from death.

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Harder now because of how much she has to work so she can make an impact. Super jump also increased her ceiling. E-rez is not instant anymore and doesn’t give her invincibility while also reducing her movement and how fast she can pull it off, compared to before its a lot more riskier.

Also arguable. Now, Mercy isn’t really different from any other healer besides Resurrect but that ability is ridiculously situational. Also, as I’ve said before, it almost always depends on where that person died and when they died. In other words, you don’t need to focus on the Mercy if you can just camp her teammate’s body.

I still always shoot for gold with her. But she is weak compared to others and you have to sacrifice damage boost to get the golds.

I understood some mercy mains do enjoy her. Regardless of rez, she is fun if you like her movement. But that doesn’t equal impact. At hero select there just always seems to be a better option than her right now. In fact, its similar to pre-valk days where you run her only with pharah pretty much.

Back when she was f-tier, i always thought she was the best option. The mind games you got to play with the enemy to have a huge effect on the fight are just gone. Sure it was impactful, like many other ultimates are. But it had big consequences too for bad decision making.


That’s completely based on my observation. While the amount of “target mercy” has been reduced, she’s still a target because of how strong of an ability rez is. Lets say when the team kills an pharah, my team tends to shout "mercy is probably going to rez, a) kill her or b) camp the body, both being bad for mercy. Doesn’t change that she is still a target.

What are you on about? This has changed significantly following the introduction of Valkyrie and E Res. The former does everything for you and the latter punishes you for surviving long enough (by turning you into a stone).

Namely, the fact that it nullifies her one weakness, being single target heals, gives her insane mobility, gives her infinite ammo (like she even needs it) and makes GA’s range long AF.

And that has lowered since her rework, since her ult charge is lower than before and, again, she doesn’t have to think as much as before.

I’ve addressed this.

It’s only riskier if you’re trying to always pull of ridiculous resses. Besides that, it stayed the same. Once again, whether you get ressed or not depends on two questions:

  • Where are you?
  • When did you die?

On the other hand, mass Res focuses you think about all this:

This proves my point really. Her being a priority target has changed after the rework. Before, she was constantly a target. This is because players could never be sure as to when she got her ultimate. Alternatively, now, she’s only a target if her teammate dies. This itself isn’t even that big of a deal because you were going to be a target nonetheless, if your teammate gets picked off. :man_shrugging:t4:


The longer she’s alive, the higher the beam uptime, which means she’s healing or boosting more. I can handily out-heal any other support hero on a regular basis, primarily because I spend less time re-spawning and getting back to the fight.

I certainly get chased after quite often, mastering the use of GA/SJ is very important here and not as easy as people like to think.

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Rez as an ultimate: Mercy had a huge target on her back, BUT being relentlessly hunted for the entire match felt like it was worth it when you had the survival skills and gamesense to make a critical rez despite the enemy’s best efforts to pin you down.

E Rez: It doesn’t matter what you do. If your ally dies out in the open and/or the enemy camps the body, you WILL get yourself killed if you go out there and stand still for nearly 2 seconds in front of the enemy.


Biggest issue is that it takes away her need to position and prioritize.

That’s why a lot call Valk braindead/spectator mode/training wheels.

I mean it’s alright, but it could be better.

Stronger main beam with weaker chains to keep prioritization a thing. Shorten the beam length so positioning is still essential-two things I see and hear a lot.

Pulling from Niandra, my personal fave Mercy player, had made suggestions of:

  • cool down resets or possibly an addition rez charge or minor changes to rez in valk

  • or possibly some CC reduction affect with the Valk chains

  • or even just the chance to cancel Valk early since with how long it lasts longer than a lot of pushes/holds.

Just something to give some sort of agency/prioritization when using Valk.

Again, her (Niandra) and myself agree that it’s fine as is, but given the chance to tweak it would be refreshing. It’s just not needed right now with how Mercy sorta seems fall into comps nowadays.

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funny how your changes adress balance more then fun

Positioning is just as important with Valk, if not more if you’re actually flying above the fray.

I’ve seen this sentiment before and I always scratch my head. In the situations where Valk is most useful, prioritizing one person at the cost of others generally doesn’t make any sense.

Doing so also takes away a lot of positioning opportunities, particularly where you can continually pop in and out of cover to take advantage of delayed disconnect.

IMO, the excitement of Mercy is the thrill of the escape and ability to whip around the battlefield healing everyone. I’m not sure weakening Valk in the name of making it more interesting is a net positive.

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Yesterday I was trying to entertain my random mercy in match as a teammate, 1st I use voiceline “do u trust me?” with my Ashe, an mercy was like “no” moving her mouse from left to right, then I press “group up” button and Ashe said “get over here!” And looking straight to her eyes, I did another voiceline “Do I have to repeat myself?” and she finally followed me. The map was kings row, we are on attack, I flank hard, do 3 kills instantly from good angle being pocketed, then I turn around, and ask 1 more time “Do you trust me?” And she change her mind, and never get bored during this match anymore. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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To each their own. I find Valk makes her kit easier than it is already. I like being able to prioritize and push a teammate that’s really doing well so they can take the lead.

I try not to go into the Skybox because it makes me feel disconnected from the fight because I’m so safe up there.

These are changes I would like to see because I personally find Valk a bit jarring for how safe it just makes Mercy’s play. I no longer have to pick and choose who gets my focus, and I no longer have to worry about my positioning because I can just hide up in the sky.

Though these are just things I felt in my own games. And I don’t even play rank and it’s still just sorta disinterests me for Valk. I think the thing I would like the most is to cancel it when the push is done because it just lasts for so long.

Well, honestly, that’s about it. We all want something different!

I’m just glad I’m not on the design team that has to try to make millions of people with varying desires happy.

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“Disheartening to play against” is a VERY subjective way of balancing. I find Doomfist also disheartening to play against. Or Reaper. Or Mei.

“Hide and Res” - then I demand that DPS players can´t “Hide and Ult” anymore too. I see SO many McCrees wait for MINUTES just to hopefully get a 4k. Maybe add an Ult decay if a player does nothing for more than a minute or so.

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I love Mercy. Check my profile. I have a stupid number of hours on her.

But I’m done. She has no utility compared to other supports and is too team dependent to swing a struggling game.

I’ve learnt and stopped playing Mercy all together. Give me Bap or Moira and I’m gona go damage and kill. At least I can contribute to a fight.

Mercy can rez but for what - your teammate was likely dumb and out of position to die in the first place. They fed and will be rezzed then feed again.

At least other supports can make up for lacking team fight.

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Just learn her super jump. Boredom cured :wink:

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Idk thats pretty subjective. Personally, Mercy is my favorite support to play, so idk.


Mercy is my fav hero but I just can’t justify using her in competitive any more. It feels like a total soft throw when I could play other supports and offer more value.


Oh I agree, she isnt the best, especially when support damage is necessary right now.

She’s still my favorite to play though.