Mercy Hypocrisy! How Fun!

I was actually one of the people who thought resurrect was fine for a while, until I started getting irritated by it when the whole hide-and-res thing started affecting me in comp when I played Mercy.

Hindsight is 20/20…but by the time people were ready to compromise, it was too late. :frowning:

But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked

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I mean, I can make one about Cree if you really want. But it won’t gain any traction and ultimately die out with about 5 or so comments.
I love seeing Mercy threads all the time, since I know her playerbase is still trying. I just don’t click on all of them.

That’s pretty nice.

Now let’s hope the threads die too.

I don’t think anyone was expecting the changes to be as broken as they were when they were first announced though. I doubt even the most biased among us could have argue for that if they new the consequences.

She still has a stupid pickrate, so guess not :man_shrugging:

And people like you makin threads in a span of less than 2 hours about the same thing.

Which one of the two is really the problem here, buddy?

yahhhhhh, I agree mercy is stupid af. But the comunety is sick of post likes this.
The same goes for Buff Sombra and this game is dead/I uninstald.
So… Its nice that you pointed it out, but i wont help.

Lots of people did, especially Mercy players. I distinctly remember that feedback on Mercy 2.0 when it went live on the PTR centered almost entirely on how broken she was, even from the pros and streamers who asked for the rework to begin with. Blizzard just didn’t listen.

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I think taking cover while rez in her current state makes waaay more sense.

Then again, I’m not really sure I quite care either way. I’m just here for the distraction ^_<

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I mean, we should have seen that coming. They have a history of blatantly ignoring the playerbase.

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And another topic about mercy…

Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother anymore. I hate my favorite character now and don’t really know why I even play the game anymore. I feel so useless and I wish I would’ve left a long time ago.

I face constant abuse as a support main because if I play any healer other than Mercy, I am yelled and screamed at and told I am throwing, but if I pick Mercy, I am blamed if we lose or told to kill myself because I messed up one time. No one sticks up for me anymore because everyone hates her now except other Mercy players.

If I report them, nothing happens and even if I mute them, the words still exist and don’t go away. It’s also console so if they ever do get banned they can make a new account and do the same thing to other people.

Even after all of the abuse I decided to start talking in VC which made it worse on me because of my voice. I have gave up on talking all together because of the amount of hate I have gotten.

So I make threads because in my head I think that maybe, just maybe, this thread will do something, but it never does.

So I leave my favorite character behind and don’t see a reason to play if it’s not her. She was the reason I bought the game in the first place

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My experience with playing mercy just seems so much different than what I read on here. It kills me seeing what happens to others.

Mercy main of 200+ hours.

Unlike PC, console players can do whatever and say whatever and not have any consequences.

I have been bullied by multiple people who make multiple accounts because they have nothing better to do. Don’t ever get this game on console.

Hell, I have even been Ddos’d

That’s easy I will never get a game on console.

Haha. No really. That totally blows. I don’t have much time on her in comp but I do play her a lot in QP

Blame Blizzard for this, not us Mercy players. If they didn’t make her stupidly OP rework go live in the first place, there would have been no “spam”. it’s called feedback, and we’re tired of Blizzard ignoring our feedback, AND ignoring the big reason why Mercy’s rework is an embarrassing failure.


With the current rez, Mercy doesn’t purposefully let her teammate die so she can use it.

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Oh no! What despair and misery!

Make a blog if you wanna make a thousand posts that are all the same.

Or get a hint already. They gave you the Mercy thread to contain you. You brought them to remove it.

They don’t care, we don’t. Stop.

I mean, i like drama, but this is not even a good one. And you say “feedback”, most of these threads are a collection of sob stories on how “my hero got ruined mimimimimimimi” on the same level of those threads about people quitting.

No one cares. At all.

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I will never blame Blizzard for this unnecessary complaining.

This doesn’t sound like a sob story :thinking:

Also the mercy megathread has been unpinned and perpetually false flagged so no discussion could be had there and that’s been going on for about a month and half or so now.