Mercy got nerfed so much, because Blizzard needed to have some form of measurement stick

You should recognize that’s an opinion than.

I have not misrepresented one of your arguments just to attack it. Kind of like you did with the whole mccree fall off thing.

I have not personally attacked you, or called into question your arguments because of who you are or your position on other things.

trust, it shows.

I’m not an expert by any means, but I can promise I haven’t used any fallacy in this engagement. To bad the reverse cant be said.

There were no circumstances. It was literally a hypothetical. This is starting to get pathetic.

One of us has to.

Yet here you are in two instances stating it as a majority problem, and not a personal one. Funny that.

When called on it.

Exactly what I did from the start. Correcting your misinformation. If you see that as a personal attack and have to resort to false equivalence, ad hominem, begging the question, straw man arguments, to name a few, my previous point stands. Your points never left the ground to begin with.

Lol no. Ultimates that win games… provide no value. Okay sure.

I really hope not, this community is bad enough.

Yet you’re triggered at me criticizing your arguments, to the point you’re projecting it on me. Funny that.

Another strawman. I never once questioned your sanity.

I can only assume you’re the shining example of reasonable in this hypothetical.

You’re actually just reaching at this point

You should really look it up.

That’s not sarcasm. That’s hyperbole. Also it was a point that was entirely moot to begin with, which is why I called you out on it since it had no basis to your original argument other than more filler for you to complain about.

I mean, you just confused sarcasm with hyperbole. I’m not sure you can say this in good faith.

That still hasn’t left the ground. No it’s far from missed. You’re mad at the devs for trying different balancing things that you don’t agree with, even if the end result works out just fine.

Yup this is actually pigeon chess. And kind of pathetic at this point.

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Mei and Reaper.


There was a reason why Roadhog was a better Reaper than Reaper and it was not just because Reaper was weak. Roadhog could deal with tanks.

Here’s another version with Winston:

Roadhog needed that damage nerf, but he was nerfed too much. I hope he’s more reliable now after the changes.


Reaper has his own problems, he’s probably the best example of a tank buster that can’t bust tanks properly. As for Mei, I mean yeah Mei makes hogs life difficult, but that still isn’t a hard counter. It doesn’t force a switch. That’s whats called a soft counter.

Fair point, but this is 400hp. I agree he needed the damage nerf and that he was nerfed too much to the point he wasn’t able to play his role anymore. I guess what I should have said is he couldn’t 1 shot tanks, who are neither squishy or not topped up.

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I’m looking forward to overwatch mobile, it’ll be fantastic! What could go wrong?
Blizzard has a long run history of doing the right thing and satisfying their customers. Devs are fixing every problem in the game just right and are quick in responding to the communities. Overwatch balance are superb!
I’m 100% sure any mobile games by blizzard will be game of the year!


Preposterous! The balance team are the smartest team at blizzard!
Did you not see the masterpiece that they’ve done with current mercy? She’s so balanced now, that even made the anti mercy crowd also cheering for the buff they gave to her. And they even posted it everywhere on the forums that they are happy and having fun on this true balance of mercy. One of them even said that she’s 100x better than the previous iteration.


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You want feedback? They had it! For over a year they had multiple stickied feedback threads!

Oh, and also this:

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


I would very much like to never play against mass rez on a 2cp map ever again to be honest. it is the epitome of disheartening and unfun play in OW.

I don’t really think they know.
What I think is that they do have a plan, they come up with a plan like, these consecutive heroes and changes will result in x.
However, y happens instead of x.

You are completely entitled to your opinion. I’ll have to humbly disagree. I believe that Mercy’s ultimate was just as “unfun and disheartening to play against” as any other ultimate. In fact, I feel that it was the perfect example of what an ultimate is supposed to be. An ability that gives your team a huge advantage.

Afterall, what ultimate IS “fun to play against” right? Their job isn’t to make the enemy team feel “all warm and fuzzy”, their job is to be that game-changing moment and turn the tables in an otherwise linear match. Now, could Mass res have been tweaked to make 2cp less “unfun?” I believe so.

Giving more counterplay options and removing the “keep mass res after you die / invincible res” gimmicks would have made for a better playing experience in my mind. Add to that LOS, damage reduction, and a 1.25s cast time, while making her vulnerable to the usual CC, and what you are left with is a hero with a powerful ultimate, that is engaging, rewarding, and impactful to play with and against, while still being balanced. Just my 2 cents. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Enemy ultimates that would enable you to use game sense such as saving zen’s trance for grav or ana being able to sleep a genji during blade I would consider to be rewarding and fun to play against if pulled off correctly.

I can agree that giving rez counter play with removal of invincibility would be better but i’m also uncertain of how standing still then pressing Q can be more “engaging, rewarding” than valk?

  1. don’t feel bad about the devs. they ‘worked hard’ for it and they should, since it’s their job

  2. It isn’t bad to use Mercy as a measuring stick. It’s bad to measure where she is for a very looooongggg time

  3. Patience? I think those who main her have been patient enough, while not even having their opinions considered for the most part about their hero.

At the start of the rework, this is understandable. But if they didn’t know what was wrong with her for the past year, shouldn’t they have looked into her more? shouldn’t they also consult the forums being flooded by topics surrounding why she was OP and why Valkyrie is a bad rework design-wise for the most part?

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Nah. She’s still pretty meh.


Which is perfectly fair. Feedback is great to have. Still, they got epic quantities of posts when it was announced and literally hundreds of thousands of post over the past year and few months just in the mega threads alone. It’d be neat if they listened to it and Valk never went live or at least was axed after a month or 2.

If I was a game dev and saw everything explode and remain on fire for this long? Well honestly my boss should have fired me long before it got to this point :stuck_out_tongue:

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No. Now if you have anything useful to say, you should say it.

I’m the toxic one though, right? Lol.

If you can’t handle people having a conversation in a forum, perhaps you shouldn’t be reading the forums. You have still yet to add anything to the actual topic except for complaining about others.

I’m aware I was being toxic, but I still sent it anyway. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and yes, I have been adding something to the topic, which is trying to dissuade you from being so ill-mannered and derailing the topic just so you can talk down on others.

Let everyone have a healthy discussion and if you can’t contribute anything without being negative or disrespectful, then keep it to yourself. Just because what I have to say doesn’t pertain to the topic in particular, doesn’t mean I’m not adding anything to the topic, which is calling you out on your snide, snooty remarks and telling you to stop.

I can handle plenty of things. Now, if you have anything useful to say, you should say it, instead of trying to continue a flame war that’s not going to happen. I’ve said what I needed to say. Good day! :slight_smile:

Changes can indirectly improve other characters that have nothing to do with those changes, like adding Brigitte made Rein a must pick in this meta and he didn’t change at all before and after GOATS. Small buffs and nerfs can do wonders for other characters without touching them.

Except for the people that disagree with

Right? Because apparently disagreement and having a discussion with the person who shared that point of view, conversing with them in a discussion is


Of course actual

Looks like this:



Other great examples of participating in a topic about whether or not the devs trying things to drastic degree’s is effective and/or will cause community backlash.

So Me having a conversation with someone who disagree’s with:


Is perfectly on topic. You’re in fact the one who is derailing.

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im not responding to you anymore and i’ve flagged you.


I uhh. Don’t believe you have responded to me in this thread. At all actually. In fact, I was one of the few people who agreed with your original post. But hey, cool false report.

Edit: Unless by chance star, KangarooKnight or Bloggerman is one of your smurfs.