Mercy & Double-Standards

Established? Sorry but hiding has never been a good tactic.

It only started seeing play in GM because of the SR exploit.

Hiding is never neccessary. A Mercy sustains her team until she can no longer do so. At that point, she uses her ultimate. She does not further let her team die to ult because that diminishes the value of her ultimate.

Just going to put this out there.

I never had to deal with a hiding Mercy. I play bots/arcade/custom games. And never had to deal with playing “Find The Mercy”.

However, I did run into hiding Reapers, McCrees, Hanzo’s, even a few Tracers and Reins (usually when they wanna make a corner Shatter).

It almost sounds like a hiding Mercy was a comp problem and not a game problem in general.

*Edit: Oh I forgot hiding Junkrats! So many of those!

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I wonder why.

SR exploit.

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Hiding was not necessary if Mercy can keep up with the damage and is not focused.
If she couldn’t keep up with the damage she hid and rezed.
And stop being whiny it’s never coming back.
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Hiding was not neccessary at all because she had Resurrect. Can’t keep up with the damage? Heal until they eventually die. Then Resurrect, keeping up the momentum and tempo of the fight. Ez clap. Poggers.

Don’t worry. I want another rework. Specifically:

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Do you have proof to back that up? Wouldn’t it help your case to say that hide and rez was seeing play on ladder up until GM because everyone was reaching GM and after that they’ll only had to play regularly?

It’s alright, you can still deny and gaslight that hide and Rez wasnt a thing since season 2. You’re entitled to your opinion.

It’s never coming back.It’s never coming back.
It’s never coming back :kissing_closed_eyes:
Also putting yourself in mid danger trying to heal someone who’s doomed to die,is what bad Mercy’s do.

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Nice straw man.

Oof, what is with these straw Mans? I’ve only said that misinformed and bad Mercy’s used “Hide n Res”. I didn’t say that it didn’t exist.

Nice spam.

Is that why GA and anything that obstructs LoS exists? Keep telling yourself that then. :smirk:

Dude,wtf is this.You’re profile…does not exist XD

It’s my smurf. :flushed:

Dito.Keep telling yourself that flying into a D.VA,Hanzo,Zarya,Genjo,Rein ult is a good idea :+1: Will leave space for the good Mercy’s in GM

Nice strawman. This is not my argument.

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Like your profile can’t be found at all.Eitherway.I got better things to do than argue with someone who’s freaking delusional.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Mass rez just ain’t coming back.“DEAL W/ IT”

Resorts to ad hominem. Ok…

If Valkyrie can come back after 2 years, I don’t see why mass Resurrect can’t. :smiley:

Lovely chat. Hope we can learn something from today. The both of us. :slight_smile:

It only started seeing play in GM because of the SR exploit.

You just did.

Anyway if you are not going to answer questions and would rather call everything i say a “strawman” and or spam Titanium’s thread then please don’t bother answering anymore. You already proved that you dont know how 2016 Mercy played, or why and when hide and Rez became and was a thing, or why Hide and Rez was a problem.

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Just gonna say.You might argue that mass rez takes no actual skill.You just flying around and see a 2x on your screen and press Q.If you think that’s fun and skillfull.Good for you.I wish I could have standards as low as you.

Sorry, do the ranks below no longer exist?

Throughout this whole argument, you and I have made it very clear the strategy existed.

Maybe don’t resort to logical fallacies then…

Someone asked me to quote it again because they couldn’t be bothered to scroll up. Blame them. Ironically, it’s the one who is liking your replies.

That’s you, my friend.

Invulnerability and SR exploit.

Because it was counter-intuitive to Mercy’s existence as a main healer.

Mass Res did encourage a certain kind of playstyle that Blizzard decided to remove for the good of the game.
It’s a pitty Mass Res seems to be the only thing Mercy players found “fun”.