Mercy & Double-Standards

I have no idea who titanium is and don’t care.If you want people to know what he said you should post it.Don’t expect us to care about what a random guy says.

The girl who I quoted :man_facepalming:. Keep up please. She explains why “Hide n Res” is bad and I quoted it. People ended up ignoring it.

Qoute again bisho.The comment section is long and you ain’t the only one here.

Mercy is a boring hero in general the fact that you demand mass res says a lot

So Season 1 to season 5 GM Mercy mains were there because they’re bad? And using HTE EBIL SR EXPLOIT?

Can i ask you a question? How does someone climbs to GM if you think ppl at GM are there because they’re not good?

This is genuinely baffling, “assuming people at GM are there because they’re good” what’s next, “plat players are the real T500”? Omegalul

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Nope. I’ve said multiple times that only those who abuse the strategy are there because they are bad. The rest are there because they deserve to be.

Nice strawman.

So a freaking team wipe,will result in another team wipe?
Man :thinking: I wouldn’t wanna be on your team if that’s how your games usually went.

If your Mercy hides to Resurrect. Because the enemy team will most likely end up wiping the 6v5 without expending ultimates. Then they will wipe the resurrected teammates again, this time expending ultimates. Makes sense. I don’t understand why you dumbed it down to, “Wiped, then wiped again”.

How do you know who abused the SR exploit to reach GM and who deserves to be GM?

((Inb4: duhh cuz they hid and Rezzed!!!))

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Negative winrates. Hello? Career profiles existed.

You have to understand with that functioning human brain of yours.That it deppends.When it gets hectic and the enemy starts using ultimates which your team can die to even if it was 6v6,it was better for Mercy to hide,let the ult pass and bring your team back.

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What does negative winrates do with hide and Rez as a viable strategy? Because we already stablished Hide and Rez was a viable strategy before the SR exploit.

This is where I stopped reading. Clearly, you have no rebuttal for what I stated and are just going to cherry pick situations where hiding is good. Sorry, cba. Besides that, this was a fun discussion. Hope your day is nice.

But I thought fun wasn’t a reason to rework things :thinking:

Ok.LET’S REBUTAL.Hiding is not necessary if Mercy can keep up with the damage and is not focused.Boop.

Established? Sorry but hiding has never been a good tactic.

It only started seeing play in GM because of the SR exploit.

Hiding is never neccessary. A Mercy sustains her team until she can no longer do so. At that point, she uses her ultimate. She does not further let her team die to ult because that diminishes the value of her ultimate.

Just going to put this out there.

I never had to deal with a hiding Mercy. I play bots/arcade/custom games. And never had to deal with playing “Find The Mercy”.

However, I did run into hiding Reapers, McCrees, Hanzo’s, even a few Tracers and Reins (usually when they wanna make a corner Shatter).

It almost sounds like a hiding Mercy was a comp problem and not a game problem in general.

*Edit: Oh I forgot hiding Junkrats! So many of those!

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I wonder why.

SR exploit.

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