Mercy changes just dont make sense

This is not what is discussed here…

what is discussed here is that those changes does not make any sense as a whole…

I don’t care about WoW… This is OW not WoW

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A lot of the blizzard games share similar mechanics and hero design. Mei for example came with frost mage abilities.

I heal a bunch on my restoration shaman. I can tell you deep healing (healing critical hp targets with bonus healing) can come really clutch. Especially since she doesnt have to reload. Her valk increasing that to 90 is like a ana crit boost.

again, this is not relevant to the discussion at hand

I hate to be following you from another thread, but I feel like I have to remention my reply to you in these points you brought up.

You seem to be trying to say that the GA nerf is being compensated by healing but a lot of people have already in great detail explained why it does not. Citations and examples are from the very videos you’ve posted in threads.

I play this in metal ranks.

Please stay off Youtube if you play this in metal ranks.

Thank you.

They nerfed her healing to 45 hps above 50% hp. and they gave a 150% modifier to her healing with that baseline.

That is 67 hps. A buff to the 55 hps she has now. And a nerf to her hps now.

The buff to critical health targets is a buff in sustained fights where players often reach critical health. And a nerf to her hps when most member stay above 50% health ( so they aren’t in danger of dying unless there is huge burst).

As a healer you are interested in keeping hp pools within a safe range so you will want to heal above the burst potentials of your enemy. In this game mercy can even heal through death which she maitains.

This 150% modifier to critical health targets extends with her ultimate which remains 60 hps and turns into 90 hps aoe healing.

It is compensation buffs because if it was a plain nerf she would just receive mobility nerfs. But they did give her a power exchange. In my opinion it isn’t as bad as mercy player say since she had a bit too much mobility with the new tech they added officially in ow2, GA Jump. They kept this tech in the game and made it official and have to consider it for balancing.

There were numerous issues with mercy in season 2, her high pick rate, her high surviability, her synergies with hitscan heroes.

They opted to not mess with the damage boosting and rez and opt for giving her more moments of danger = counterplay.

S1 players were still adapting to her crazy mobility, and mercy mains were starting to realize mercie’s hypermobility. In season 2 I saw more mercies greatly adapt to her hypermobility and not get killed much, which was probably seen by devs and many players as well, who opted to ignore the mercy because she just wasn’t a viable target.

The devs sort of mentioned this in the blog post, I have experienced this myself in my games where no one ever shoots the mercy and we have to focus the other support.

I did watch the video and know she isn’t happy with this change, but I also know devs have stats on season 2 and can explain the issues since they stated that guardian angel/mercy’s mobility needed to be addressed.

They probably have stats to see how impactful damage boost is, or see issues like in lower ranks mercy just wasn’t dying as much for example.

Especially when she is with a Pharah spamming guardian angel for example very hard to hit.

This is one of those changes that might be better for the game, while putting that power into more of her healing. Which I can understand. I am excited to try these changes out myself. Wasn’t a huge fan of facing enemies that spammed this ability myself.

For Guardian Angel, the cooldown increase is necessary to reduce the greatly increased mobility resulting from the recent rework to the jump cancel. It enabled Mercy to quickly launch herself long distances in any direction and be overly evasive for such a short downtime.

Here’s the thing
EVERYONE ALIVE complained her main thing was that she was damage boosting. That was the complaint even from T500. It wasn’t about her mobility persay, but it was that because of Soujorn’s mobility that they made the best pocketing pair under the whole roster.

We also have the stats to check and been had the stats to check which have been commented on quite a bit. Mercy is not a top picked support. Infact, her Pickrate is half Soujorn’s and she is like a third or fourth picked support.

h ttps://

(Yes, they have fixed Overbuff essentially and it works.)

Her pickrate is somewhat high, but about equal to Kiriko and Ana which is fair since the hero pool for supports is the smallest of the roster compared to Tank and especially DPS.
We also had stats and plenty of videos and discussions for why Soujorn is a problem and why it brought Mercy even into the conversation to begin with. Damage boost was the discuss issue because no one liked the idea of any attack doing above 250 damage.

We even have Mercy’s death rates and they…
Well, they are about the same as other supports in higher elos.

As for Pharah and pocketing in general,
Well, you can still do that. You don’t really spam GA on cooldown with Pharah, you hold yourself in the air and hit GA to compensate where you are floating for speed. This nerf will do absolutely nothing about that type of pocketing or Soujorn pocketing except make it better essentially.

Point is, most people who play Mercy are mad about this because it guts the character. If people wanted it to be reworked in some kind of way and that she was too OP (The official stats have yet to be seen or proven), this was not the way to do it and only exacerbates a problem in all ELOs now. The only this this does is possibly makes her easier to kill in low ELO. Even then, she’ll just pocket there, too.


I believe the goal is to not have her use blue beam as much. To that end they tried to encourage healing more by making it so that it is how Mercy can recover and by making it so that she is more vulnerable and cant just bounce off her pocket for 1.5 seconds before going right back (often breaking the beam for far less).

I do not know if it will work but I understand what they are doing so they make sense.

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A dead mercy can’t damage boost/rez.

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They make sense if you don’t play the game, which ow devs are guilty of. Pocketing is still a absolute tumor on this games balancing and the fact that this games dev team did nothing about db is funny.

She wasn’t invincible before. You could kill her then.
Now she has extra time as a deer stuck in headlights for you to do it more.
Except now, try killing her when she’s pocketing behind a wall, because that is agreed consensus of how everyone plans to play and what these buffs incentivize.

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You can play like that. I am incentivized to be more in the team fight with the leech healing and not needing to avoid damage, heck now they can tank stuff like some spray damage without needing to not take damage for a few seconds to trigger the passive. She can just go straight to heal and heal herself during it without having to worry about triggering the passive. She also still has the passive health regen normal supports have.

It is giving her more risk/reward.

If that leech rewards ult charge that will also increase her ult uptime.

Instead that this GA nerf actually discourages ping-pong play style (which was her play style back when she was main healer). GA nerf encourages to not leave the pocket at all, and just stick with blue beam.

So the changes to GA are counterproductive to what the goal was.


I promise you that 2.5 GA?
Ping Ponging is absolutely a death wish. You wont be tanking anything. If it was that strong, Lucios would make people invincible including themselves. She’s essentially a free kill.

However, what it wont affect whatsoever?
Hiding behind corners and pocketing. You never needed to rapidly use or “spam” GA for that.


If you do that you will 100% die to the first person who dives on you. Ping pong is the only reason Mercy is typically not a focus target. When she was a main healer it was at 3 seconds so 2.5 is still less than that. Basically ping pong is still the correct way to play her if you want to have any chance of staying alive.

Ping ponging yes, strategic movements? No?

Yes the whole point is to increase her death rate. And you will do more healing and rewarded with more ult charge for saving more critical health targets.

Now for you that might not be worth it. But I think it’s a step in the right direction.

No, beacuse that is why I save my GA CD. To fly away…

And that change discourages it.

Please stop spreading misinformation…

Her GA CD was never changed since game release…

So no, back in ‘ping pong days’ her GA had 1.5 second CD.

Not true…

The correct way was to be mobile, but stick to a most optimal blue beam target at the time.

Now even that will be reduced to ‘stick to the best damage hero and call it a day’

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Ping Ponging=Strategic Movement

I don’t think you know how long 2.5 seconds is for a relatively slow mobility speed increase.

Think about Tracer. She has to have 3 blinks and a TP to not die. What if she only had two blinks?

I don’t think either of us are going to be able able to convince each other but I know if you took any of the mobility heroes from Tracer to Lucio and nerfed themed in those regards, they’d be dramatically less fun and worse.

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I don’t even play Mercy and she got nerfed into the ground. RIP Mercy. Sombra and Mercy sitting in the dug out together.

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I have experienced the mobility nerfs on other supports. Mercy is the one that got away with being able to spam her movement every gcd/1.5 seconds. And last season it was especially annoying once mercies figured out to basically permanently hover by spamming it on the person they were pocketing.