Mercy bottom line

Mercy’s gun can headshot. Her damage goes up higher than 100dps when she does so. Having more healing than 50 hps mean that I could have, at some point, stopped healing the Orisa and also shot at her. But because I approached a low health Orisa with someone attacking her, I was never, even once able to use dmg boost or gun.

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Maybe man. Me personally I dont see 10 hps making much of a difference in situations 2 players are duking it out.

I said body shots only. With head shots Mercy can do 200 dps. Tracer with headshots can do 480. Orisa has a generous head hit box.

10 hp doesnt make much diff there for me. I see a lot of “my healing wasnt enough and they died.” Reading those stories, more often than not, I think “man the person they’re healing is botting out.”

I’m not saying that 10hps doesnt make a diff. I personally would’ve wanted to see how support changes played out without the -10hps nerf. -10hps is definitely a significant difference.

I just think theres a bit too much hyperbole is going on.

While you should be absolutely right, instead you are terribly wrong.

If we were to be objective about this, then the rework would not have happened. Many of the arguments about “fun” are used, because Jeff is the one that explained in the dev update how some didn’t like it. Logic and reason were abandoned by Blizzard at the start of this mess.


Whenever I play Reinhardt, I dread the fact that Mercy is our main healer.

She doesn’t provide enough healing compared to other main healers.

Sure you can have Mercy and Ana, but then that just opens yourself up to Zarya grav with no responses to save your hide, or if a Genji pops off blade.

If I take a volley of damage when trying to get through a point as Rein, I have to essentially wait 7-10 seconds, assuming the enemy team doesn’t push on my low health, for Mercy to top me off while others lose their health. Then when I press again, the process repeats.

Mercys healing is horrendous, and her single ressurection should really be her ultimate with LoS added. Theres a reason why her healing was increased to 60 back then, so that she could compete with Ana when she was viable in season 3. It gave healers variety. Want raw power and burst healing? Old Ana. Want raw healing and follow up? Old Mercy.

9/10 i’ll swap to a Hog to sustain myself if we have a Mercy, as pitiful as that sounds. I want to play the game, not the waiting game.


Perhaps they wanted Moira to become dominant healer in low tiers?

It’s at the core of just about every major change I listed at the top…mercy is hardly a unique case…they react to the whole community…not so much when it’s particular sets of people…people struggle with that last part…don’t seem to understand why the current situation is not actually the same thing…

If it were it would’ve been changed ages ago

Then here is my reason: nerfing Mercy was sexist, so revert her. DPS players just didn’t like feminine character being an actual threat to their precious kills.

I’m sorry, I didn’t know Blizzard was reading my mind while I played the game. I should’ve known they had telemetry on peoples thoughts and feelings, beyond just scraping what’s said on forums, discord and by streamers.

be that as it may…all those communication channels you mentioned (among others) ARE the telemetry they have and thats what they have to react to

and what does the telemetry tell them? that bunch of people from a particular portion of the community are asking them to make a change not because the game/character needs it…or because something is breaking the game itself…or because the character is creating unfavorable situations for the majority of people playing the game, aka the game’s player base as a whole (the major player in the decision to change her initially) - but because some people just dont like the character…that is it…the overwhelming complaint about her is some people that play her have an unfavorable opinion of her or part of her…and there isnt even a consensus amongst those people on what it is they dont like…you can ask 10 mercy “haters” what the problem is and youll get 10 different answers

if you cant see the difference between that and the stuff that caused other changes in the past (you know the actual game’s history)…then theres nothing else to say other than youre probably gonna be wondering why nothing has happened this time next year

thats not them reading peoples minds, or ignoring anyone or refusing to acknowledge anything…thats them reacting to what theyre seeing and deciding its not enough reason to change anything…and theyve said so on multiple occasions…and so here we are…

The problem is the damage output of other heroes vs Mercy’s healing output.

Mercy is the only Support in the game who, besides healing, cannot damage. Yes, she has a gun, but once she uses it she is no longer doing as intended, providing support.

Zenyatta - Can Orb Of Harmony and Discord.
Ana - Can Bionade and shoot to heal or damage the enemy.
Brigitte - Provides healing through damage as well as can throw health / armor
Lucio - Can both heal (multiple targets btw) and damage with his gun.
Moira - Can heal with orb and damage or damage orb and heal.

Mercy just feels awkward with how powerful other supports are. Not to mention 50 HP/S is really not great. It feels clunky. I cannot heal people who consistently take damage. So essentially Mercy is the healer who heals your AFTER a fight, or, is a res bot.

Do I know what she needs? Not really. Because I don’t want to make her OP. I want every support to feel viable.

So take these ideas with a grain of salt;

Valkyrie (Duration 12Sec)

  • Resets Ressurect (ONLY IF RESSURECT IS AT A 10+ Sec Cooldown) when used. Ressurect is the same as the current E ability in all facets)
  • Healing is 60-63 HP/S. Chain is extended slightly (I don’t know the exact distance, but if it were a bit further I feel like I could actually heal better).
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Actually we did reach something of a consensus. A member of the community has been gathering all us together. Then we organized a poll. This has been a pretty large undertaking, with several suggestions, and run off polls. The results of it are this thread:

I should further say that we know we all have slightly differing opinions. We know that this will only bring confusion and unifying our voices is the best way to be heard. For any of these suggestions is better then where we are. Perfect will become the enemy of good if we don’t agree.

Factually, the disagreement among the members of the Mercy community isn’t slight at all.

Some of us want her left as she is. Some of us want her changed. These are mutually exclusive, opposite opinions

OK, but what does that have to do with the conversation? Baja specifically brought up Mercy haters. People who enjoy her now can not be in that group by definition.

Remember this minor post about Mercy with over 2700 upvotes and over 7000 views?
Yeah, I guess the true problem is a lack of constructive arguments, totally not Blizzard being ignorant.

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With apologies. I don’t see anything about mercy haters in the post I replied to

I think I know the topic you are referring to.

Two questions

Is there a way for folks who don’t like this topic to “dislike” it?


Are any of the posts in said topic in disagreement with it?

I ask because your post seems (to me) to imply total agreement among a large number of folks.

40.8 health per second on Biotic Field

Biotic grasp, 50 per second

No, because Moira does more damage than his field.

If he has no biotic field and only Mercy’s healing, then it is a stalemate.

Moira can easily win that 2v1, which she did.

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I’m sorry I never noticed the 9.2 damage per second.

Soldier takes no damage from Moira while Mercy heals him. Moira would need to use biotic orb to stack her damage to 100, this would sacrifice a self healing ability. Moira would be healed for 30hps by biotic grasp. Soldier would be healed for 50hps by Mercy (90.8 with biotic field, 100.8 with Valkyire + biotic field). Soldier does more damage than Moira. How would Moira easily win?

I’ve never had a problem with Brig being oppressive against me and no, she is one of my least played heroes. Did anybody ask me when they nerfed her, they nerfed her because SOME people found her unfun to play against. Nobody asked Brig mains or people who didn’t main her and didn’t find her problematic if she should have been nerfed but she was. Same with Doom. So how come I can’t say that this hero needs changes because I find her unfun and there are mercy and non mercy mains that agree?

Because why would you go over to a 1 v 1 with Soldier and Moira when he still has Biotic Field, his health likely wouldn’t drop to critical.

By the time Mercy comes over, Biotic field is gone.
So it is 50hps against 50 dps. Moira still stands a chance at healing enough from Biotic Grasp if she moves around well, enough to throw an orb and get the kill on Soldier.

Moira doesn’t necessarily have the advantage, but in a 2v1 like that, she isn’t at a disadvantage either. The point I am mostly trying to make is that Mercy stands a chance at failing to pocket in a 2v1 situation against even the lowest damage dealer if they throw out a little extra damage.

We want to say that she is a pocket healer, but a pocket healer wouldn’t suck that hard at the job that is supposed to be the only thing they have left.

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