Mei will destroy the owl?

I’m sorry did you miss multi freeze and piercing? Mei would of stomped OG dive Winston would of been frozen into oblivion and the supports blocked off as at the time Mercy didn’t have super jump and Lucio wouldn’t have wall ride buff

Rein is the only decent barrier tank left.

Lucio has always been a LCS staple, specially when Rein is the only viable main tank.

Mei is mandatory because the other barrier tanks are subpar now but barriers are still mandatory due to all the long range damage the game has rn.

Yup, and it’s substantially weaker at this point than it was then due to the slow and linger nerf.

It sure as wouldn’t have made her good vs dive.

Multi freeze IS piercing.


Actually, you’re the wrong one here. Geoff literally said when the Multi Freeze buff went on PTR that it was to counter the upcoming tank/GOATS meta they were expected to happen with Brig’s release.

They even say dive is looking to be completely replaced with a tanky meta in this post, so your claim that they buffed Mei to make her better against dive is just wrong. Especially since they said they were weary of buffing Ana/Zarya/Hog against dive in case dive just died off on it’s own with Brig’s release.

Do your research before calling other people liars.

Tagging you two because you’re also spreading the misinformation.

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Her projectile got piercing too or you forget they buffed that?

We’re talking about OWL here.

If it was so easy to counter those comps, would see pharamercy or snipers for at least 1s

Her projectile doesn’t have piercing. right click doesn’t pierce.

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They buffed it to better go through shields Stop pretending Mei isn’t a massive issue rn

It doesn’t go through shields.


It was added to deal with a potential tank heavy meta with the addition of Moira, but it was not the meta we had after dive, had we?

We still had GravDragon and double sniper between it. Not to mention Goats, which Mei saw little play in.


When did I say it was to counter dive? I said it was during dive and shocker, she was bad against dive with this change. It wasn’t a buff she had during goats that diversely affected dive as she had it during dive. That’s the point. Work on your reading comprehension.

The point is, she was weak to dive and continues to be weak to dive. She’s strong because dive isn’t as effective as an overall comp right now.

OK, so you are saying… it was just before Goats, and you are upset that we are saying it was just before goats…


Mei is being an issue on OWL because OWL will always pick the safer comps over flashy or risky comps.

Outside OWL though, Mei has never been a balance issue unless you consider making people rage over their own mistakes a ‘‘balance’’ issue.

When pros develop a meta specifically to counter a sert of heroes, its obvious that hero wont be played. They wont play snipers into an anti-sniper meta for obvious reasons.

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Here you go:

This is the patch that added freeze piercing. Noticed the date? Goats wasn’t a thing yet.

Not even the weeks or months following it.


Something LIKE goats was expected. but it was before goats.

No…this change was added after the release of BRIG, as it’s in the BRIGITTE QandA. Geoff was referencing how Moira was also released that year and how now that Brig was also in the game, multi tank comp was looking to be the meta.

Yes, because snipers/Mercy was still incredibly strong, and the Hanzo rework made him a monster which launched both of these metas.

No DPS saw play in GOATS, but Mei Goats and Sombra goats actually were comps in high ranks.

But the principle of my post was that multi freeze literally WAS added to counter multi tank so saying someone is a “liar” for saying so is just laughable.

Mei and Sombra ARE DPS.

But before Goats.


Yeah, because of the addition of Moira were they afraid for another comp like triple tank.

We did got one eventually the next year, and only after having a few different metas, but even during that tank heavy meta saw Mei little play. I mean, Snoats was a rare thing, and it was mostly Sombra who saw play during goats in owl, but still not much.