Mei Revert/Nerf

What tank is she farming? All the tanks in the game have something to get away from her. D.Va and Winston have their mobility, Rein is faster and Zarya and Orisa laugh at Mei. Forgot Hog but he can just hook and kill Mei or put her close to death and team focus her down.

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Hello there. Have you heard of these things called cooldowns? Winston’s jump is on a cooldown. So the issue with Mei is that he can’t hard engage against a Mei. You could argue that Winston could engage without jump by simply engaging by dropping without his Lunge. Issue is the time to freeze is shorter, in that a slowing effect is applied immediately to counter Winston. You know what else Mei does to Winston? Completely nullifies his Primal Rage.

She counters every tank that isn’t Orisa and Orisa is not a healthy to be meta.


I completely agree, she should’ve been nerfed patches ago but at this point I think it’s inevitable that she will revive a nerf along with reaper, although reaper less so cause he’s not a obnoxious to play against

I didn’t say anything about who Mei counters but the fact all tanks can get away from her.

My question is why the Winston is hard engaging a Mei unless she is low hp and cryo freeze is on cooldown.

Eh, Hog can hook her and combo her to near death, Zarya has her bubbles and Rein steadfast buff plus with how fast he can move with his shield makes getting away from Mei that much easier.


Thats cool and all, but name one tank that counters Mei. I won’t swap my best heroes (Rein and Winston) to play a freaking Orisa and Sigma just cause there is a Mei on enemy team. Just please, show me the light and name one damn tank that a Mei on enemy team can look at and think “oh hey i gotta swap now”.

Geoff said so in his Brigitte Q and A right when the Multi Freeze buff went on PTR that it was done intentionally to counter their predicited upcoming GOATS/Tanky meta. Do your research guys :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: So yes, multi freeze was LITERALLY made entirely to counter GOATS/tanky comps.


My mans pulled up the proof. You’ll still have some Meins denying it. They want their hero to have a lowered skill floor. A kit that carrys the player.

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Is it? Says who? The players? … we aren’t a super reliable source for “facts”.
EDIT: Ahh, jeff implied it.
Yes , implied. I will still argue that the piercing buff carried Mei into actual relevance and utility instead of super niche frustration and wasn’t specifically targeted to the tanks, just the idea that her being present and capable was useful to give super tanky comps some threat.

Now if you didn’t mean it that way then I’ve read into it incorrectly, but my reply is hardly trying to “burn anyone alive”.

naw, people just don’t like their favorite hero trashcanned for no reason.

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No reason? The fact that the buffs were added to deter multi tank comps that aren’t even possible to run anymore? The fact the way we play the game competitively hasn’t changed fundamentally? Do you honestly think these reasons are unvalid?

Looking past that. Her secondary fire was buffed so that she’s a massive threat close to mid range and also long range? Don’t you want your character to have any weaknesses at all?

More like you’re confusing the longer duration before frost stacked ticks expire of about March 2019, for the multi-Freeze of about March 2018.

No, I’m not. Did you read the Dev comment I linked? It’s from March 2018, after Brig’s release. And was about the Multi freeze buff of March 2018.

Geoff says they gave Mei multi freeze in anticipation for multi tank comps. It’s right there in my post ^

Ah go figure.

That said GOATs didn’t exist until July 2018.

If anything, Slambulance was around then I guess.

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Just want to say, that Mei has a weakness, while she can freeze more then one hero she can only focus on one.

Added to possibly combat something that might arise. This doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s restrictive if other comps are used. Once it was implemented it didn’t immediately become the Mei meta, the buff was integrated and although several people have voiced their annoyance with it , it isn’t imbalanced just because the possibilities it was intended to help with are unusable in comp play. It objectively did straight up make Mei more powerful, but it’s also possible she needed it.

What does the fact that comp hasn’t changed fundamentally is a non-sequitur here though… I don’t understand what that has to do with a change to a character?

Her weaknesses currently are a low relative DPS, lack of horizontal mobility, a large hitbox, a delay and travel time on her big damage dealer and needing to work around her skills possibly hindering her team as much as the enemy.
People who get sniped intentionally by mei are either standing still or moving VERY predictably.

niche where shes supposed to excel.

wall is her support.

shift is her “oh crap i messed up and need heal or im dead”

freeze is her not doing much dmg. this is counterable with teammates. (and if she is in a reins face and ur teams not there…something is severely wrong and it isnt meis fault)

personal choice.

you have option and if you choose not to then thats not meis fault. thats your choice.

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You know this is a pretty silly argument, just bc a hero wasn’t picked before doesn’t mean they aren’t a problem during a specific meta. Isn’t that the point of balance patches? To adjust heroes and metas as they shift?

This is a team game
The Mei has a team

MANY MANY people have, when she was dumpster tier they were still calling for nerfs.

It is why people don’t think you are ACTUALLY interested in balance at all, and just want to get rid a hero you find annoying.

“In fact, we’re looking at buffing Reaper and Mei in an upcoming PTR patch (hopefully this week) since they could use a boost and they could help with this meta if it comes around.”

Translation: they are underpowered right now, so we are buffing them, and maybe it will help with an upcoming meta.

It’s personal choice alright quitting main tanks and playing Mei only on most maps. You’ll never know the frustration of being flamed by your entire team simply because you don’t play Orisa or Sigma when there is Mei on enemy team.