[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?

definitely not more mobility in the speedy part, but the climby part would be nice to see an increase maybe?

That’s what i always thought. It’s useless freezing floor to make her faster IMO
BTW the Mei + Sombra patch is live, and i think bug fixes also, i need to check the patch notes


Notes dont seem to be there yet.

I could seriously care less for the mei buffs. PLEASE let the cryo fix be here!!

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Just looked at the patch notes for Mei.

I’m not sure if this buff gives her more edge or what. Could of helped if they increased her falloff range, but i’m just hoping.


Though I’m afraid it’s gonna be like the old ana buff (on console) all over again with sombra. People playing them for the first time in comp essentially throwing because they’re not familiar with the hero. After all, buffing a hero doesn’t suddenly make them easier to play (usually)

Im bad at sombra, and this buff won’t make me any better. Sadly others don’t realize that.

Also these new forums are so uncomfortable, I can’t chill on here like the old one. And does anyone know why my avatar won’t show up?



Damn, no cryo fix in this patch

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They just acknowledged it. They might be working on it right now.


So it is live now, I’m a bit surprise they put it on live so quickly, probably need the PTR for Hero27.

I can’t wait to try it in comp. I was actually intentionally avoid playing too much PTR such that I remember the previous live version is still 8 shots. Though there is also Sombra running around now, I’ll have to try to figure out how to play against/around that.

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Yeah I think it’ll launch with hero 27 or Hanzo changes

I did the hook test and most of time i didn’t got hooked out of cryofreeze. BTW in quickplay i have been headshotted while behind the ice wall with high noon

admittedly High Noon is a buggy ult as well, having a weird delay in when it actually hits vs when you press. It would probably require bugfixes for both abilities. Also I have been normal shot with hitscan from behind walls.

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Nice, now i can try the Mei buffs (im on console, so no PTR here). The buffs are good, now She feels more smooth, nice work Blizz! But i don’t think that this Buffs Will make her a viable choice on comp, we Will see

admittedly High Noon is a buggy ult as well, having a weird delay in when it actually hits vs when you press. It would probably require bugfixes for both abilities. Also I have been normal shot with hitscan from behind walls.

Yes! I have a clip somewhere from a little while ago of my friends getting blasted after the wall is up.

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First of all High Noon don’t headshot but that’s not the point here.

Ice Wall actually has a legit “cast time” (not favor the shooter kind of stuff), where the wall rises from the ground. It is short, but it is there. That’s why there’s high noon/tac visor kills behind the wall, or launching yourself when being killed, etc.

I don’t think favor the shooter really applies here as ice wall isn’t really a “self-defense” ability. However, the devs could change it such that the ice wall hitbox is instant, while the animation still remains, I don’t think it would be very consistent though.


There seems to also be a “sweep” from one side to the other so if the timing is right, some might be spared behind an icewall while others aren’t depending on their positioning.

Just as expected, these “buffs” do literally nothing. If Blizzard didn’t tell you she was buffed, nobody would notice.

I did better before the patch went live, because now there are Sombra’s everywhere (because, she actually got buffed, unlike Mei) who can hack so quickly it cancels my ult after I’ve thrown it…

0.5 extra slow means nothing, 2 extra icicles per clip means nothing. The buffs are an insult. Mei has been F-Tier with a sub 1% pickrate, negative winrate, and awful stats for over a year, and this pathetic excuse for a buff is what we get?


This is nonsense as well. Mei’s who right click instead of left clicking all the time had ammo problems frequently. 2 extra shots in the clips is massive and the left click is now much better for partial freezing which makes the 200 damage combo of freeze for 9 ticks headshot melee much better.

I just made a topic on this, but:

This way the wall has a distinct team advantage - enemies who try to use it for cover and poke around it will be way more punishable.

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You think they will give another Mei buff when the next hero is in the PTR? I think that they should try more Changes, like a reload on cyro or a buff to the Ult/Freeze that can limit the movements abilities

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