Mei 10th: 1 month later

As with most heroes, I don’t see it being mei needing a buff, but rather there are not enough people willing to learn and play mei to know when she is able to be used and how. But if she was to be changed, I would make it so that the moment snowball leaves her hand, her ult can’t be canceled by stunning her.

I believe mei has the potential be quite good in this meta, given the maps and points you pick her on are actually complimenting her kit.

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The freeze buffs sometimes arent that noticeable. Mei is good in a 1v1 but outside of that she usually struggles so she usually ends up dead before she can even freeze multiple people. Cyro freeze still doesnt relpad her gun.

And i can tell you why there aren’t enough people willing to learn mei.

Even with 100% accuracy she deals tank tier damage. Yes, if you just installed aimbot and took mei you’d still only deal 120 dps with 100% icicles to the enemy head.
Roadhog takes 6 headshots to die which take 9 seconds to fire. 9 Seconds to kill a roadhog by yourself is an eternity in overwatch time.

She’s so slow at dealing damage that a healer can heal half a headshot damage before she can hit someone with the 2nd headshot.

Unlike reaper mei can split a team off, cutting healer LoS and walk paths. Reaper just can’t do what he was made to do, deal dmg.

Sure she’s not shredding brigitte but you don’t need to shred someone to kill them in a team situation. Just the fact brigitte is focusing on you to prevent getting frozen is enough for your team to have green light to kill the enemy brigitte a lot easier.

I only want to see her ultimate addressed.

  • It can be cancelled by stunning Mei after the throw. (It has the longest cast time.)
  • It can be absorbed by Dva and deflected by Genji
  • It is LoS based. Standing behind a small cover can prevent you from getting frozen.
  • It freezes slower than her primary fire. (You can at least stack the freeze with her primary fire.)
  • Most heroes, and especially mobile ones, can escape it with ease.

I still believe this is what she needs the most.
Her fall-of needs to stay. Without it can she snipe again just like in the beta.
And Mei’s fall-of damage is pretty close to McCree’s fall-of damage.

As an hybrid tank character do I think that Mei will never be on par with DPS’ers and tanks. Compared to DPS’ers does Mei lacks range, damage and mobility, and compared to tanks does Mei lacks health. I think this is the reason she will never be viable.

To have her as viable as Soldier or Junkrat does she need a rework.
(I wouldn’t mind seeing her become a full tank.)


Let her skate on ice that she creates from ammo and ult. Atleast she can get efficient at what she presently is doing now without much sacrifice. I want to see her skate…

She is actually a good character, but suffers the same fate as most of the defense category: bad PR. There is a long standing perception that the defense category was inferior to the offense category, as offense characters could be used effectively on defense as their mobility compensated for their lack of area denial abilities.

The dev team has been addressing this one character at a time, first by taking an OK Junkrat and increasing his mobility and kill consistency. This effectively overpowered him, leading to an increased pick rate and dispelling the F tier stigma. They are in the process of scaling him back. We’re seeing a similar process with Hanzo currently.

I think they thought the freeze buff would have a similar effect for Mei, but it hasn’t materialized. I think the next character up for an unnecessary buff is Torb, another character who is much better than perceived. Mei will probably get something more then.

Not gonna happen pal. They don’t want Mei to have any mobility and I’m fine with that.

:sob: The world isn’t worth fighting for…

What’s not worth it is wasting ammo and looking down to move slightly faster on a hero that already slows down enemies.

The heads you’re looking to shoot for are on the horizon, not on the floor.

I also think that Mei’s biggest reason for being an odd pick is her role in the game.

  • Reaper is a tankbuster.
  • Mercy is a healer.
  • Brigitte is a anti-flanker.
  • Reinhardt is the front-line anchor tank.

What’s Mei’s role in the game?

  • She was designed to be a counter to mobility. You can even read this in the developer post above. But she kinda sucks at being one, does she? I mean, she stronger against the non-mobile heroes.
  • She received buffs to deal with a tank meta. So is she a tank buster? There are more reliable heroes who can do a better job at dealing with tanks.

What is her role in the game?

Whatever her role is, the developers already stated that Mei is designed to be a situational character and that she doesn’t always work in every game.
So… what’s her best situation?

Which buffs again? I don’t remember anything.
Her primary fire changes were mostly directed at dealing with clustered enemies, not vs tanks.

I keep seeing “Oh people don’t know how to play her correctly yet so that’s why people think she’s UP”.

Do people honestly believe that after almost two years that people still have no idea about the character? That no one has ever tried to figure out the potential of every character to see their viability, including the professionals with prize money on the line?

That somehow Mei is so complex that 99% of the Overwatch population just can’t figure her out, that somehow her kit is nearly impossible to grasp or her weapons take so much skill that people with near aimbot reflexes and precision can’t make it work?

Sorry but I think the biggest thing holding back Mei right now is the community on both sides, but that’s just mei opinion.

These are the buffs she has gotten the past few months:

In competitive, Brigitte actually takes a dps slot.

I’d say it’s more a mix of playerbase hating her for her freeze combo and stalling and not enough people thinking it’s worth to play her vs other dps heroes.

I know those. Neither help in tank busting that’s why i wanted to see what you were talking about.

O, right.

Here you go:

Maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t Geoff said they buffed Reaper and Mei to deal with the tank meta?
(English isn’t my native language so I might misread it.)

It was probably just thrown into it, not necessarily related to mei being able to bust tanks.

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I see. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

But what is Mei’s role then?