Megathread part 4.1 (oct 2018) beam buff not enough!

If you actually kept up with the old megathread, it was endless discussion on various ideas, concepts, and even minute details of balance.

It was all VERY important discussion. and the need for discussion has not ended yet. Symmetra is in a bad place, and the dev team is working on addressing her, and it’s our job as a community to discuss what we think should and should not be done so the devs can make a move based on our feedback. then afterwards we can give more feedback to see if things are headed in the right direction


That’s not really a reason to stop discussion. In fact now that we know she’s a priority and they’re in the brainstorming phase, our input is even more valuable.


Sym is like a main to me, third spot, same hours, and I think she needs a little help. I feel her damage she puts out is pretty good considering how long her beam stays attached for but there is some need for improvement. She is defensive, not a support and should be classified as such. Moira made her moot by having her Biotic Orb take out the one hit turrets and that should certainly be fixed as it was in CTF. It would be a very cool ability to add some healing to her, if she can hard light construct things, let her construct small health packs, 5 uses each, 3 max at a time. Make her interesting and add something to make her a support if that is how she is going to marketed.

I listed it in the OP, please do not suggest reclassification as a needed thing. The roles are in game to assist with beginners understanding heroes’s focus. Supporting is not just healing, and Symmetra is intended to be a support hero with a focus on healing. if she was meant to be reclassified, the devs have had nearly 2 years to do so. This kind of feedback is unhelpful

You’re welcome to suggest ideas like healing constructs, but I’ll tell you now that the devs don’t want her to heal, and have said so in the past so it VERY likely will not happen.

And as a final point, she has supportive abilities. in fact her kits majority is support

Teleporter is support
Shield Generator is support
Sentries afflict enemies with a slowdown and allow symmetra to assist from a distance
Photon Barrier is a supportive ability

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Dang it

Well do you use Reddit I have a sym main advice, Ana and vid review thread on the sym mains subreddit

Unfortunately no, but I don’t think it’ll be too long before I get permissions here. I really don’t see a reason I won’t get them

Either way you should get Reddit the sym mains sub Reddit is amazing to find other sym mains

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Good to see the Symmetra megathread is back. Hopefully we can get a quick response on this one.

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I second this. The Sym mains sub-Reddit is awesome, people are funny and helpful and also very nice to each other. I participate in some other OW characters sub-Reddits, by the Sym main is by far my favorite.

yeah, we might get a yellow post after 2000 posts this time!


Maybe sym could gain a movement ability of some sort that would compliment her kit when she wanted to do some damage or get out of harms way. Seems like everyone has some sort of movement ability these days so it may be a little cliche but just a suggestion.

Here are the tings that are a necessity for sym

Allies see Her tp SG and turrets through walls
This is disabled in kill cams

Turret and photon barrier cooldown reduced to 8

Turret creation time reduced to 1 second

Remove slow when sym places a turret

Turrets prioritizes enemy heroes over barriers and constructs

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I posted a thread just several days ago about ideas of revamping her. Sadly it’s gone now. I’ll summarize here.

E : It becomes Shield Gen and Teleporter with reduced effect and a mid to long cooldown. They expire after being destroyed or Sym place another E somewhere else.

Shield Gen : provide less shield in a smaller area. E.g 50 shield 25m radius.

Teleporter :

Sym can choose to go inside it after casting, doing so destroy the one in spawn room.

She enters a state like doomfist ult, to place her teleporter exit.

She came out of the exit and use up 1 charge. Leaving 2 charge for her teammates. ( So total 3 charges)

  • With Shield Gen and Teleporter moving to E ability, Sym provides more impactful, dynamic and active support ability. The changes of teleporter can brings new strategies for choke points and control points that weren’t seen before in the game which would be refreshing.

Ult : Photo Barrier.
Sym channel for ~ 1 sec, then create a photo shield centered around her like Winston’s shield, but it is impenetrable to everything like Mei’s Wall, and is moved with Sym. It lasts for ~6 - 8 seconds and then disappear.

It is meant to be a tactical and powerful tool if used correctly. It can either simply used as a shield to block damage, or separate opponent’s team (or your team, if you screw up) to use it at your advantage. It also plays in Sym’s strength as it could potentially trap opponent in the shield, giving Sym a safe time to melt down the victim.

The aim of these changes is to make her move dynamic, active and less situational overall. The new Shield Gen and Teleporter should be very useful in many situations, while the photo shield is powerful but needs really well planning and communication. They should accentuate Sym’s playstyle - more tactical and strategic rather than mechanical skills demanding.


Agreed 100 percent!!

I am not a Symm main but I am fighting with you <3

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Doubt it tbh we were at over 6000 but we got Nothing

I’m an arcade scrub, but Symmetra is one of my favorite heroes (alongside Moira) and though I do not feel like I can comment on balance, I’m here to say I support Queen Satya.

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She can make anything? Give her a optic blast please

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